Radiant? Let’s make THAT the new body trend

Hello radiant friends,
I have been so inspired this week! The universe has taught me so many lessons in such a short amount of time, and I couldn’t be more grateful.
I finally feel, for the first time in a month, that everything is going to be absolutely okay. Even better than okay! I feel like everything is working out exactly how it is suppose to. I feel so free!

I have been doing a lot of journaling this week, a lot of self reflecting.. And a lot of goal setting. I feel very positive, and oh-so excited, about every single moment of the current adventure Michael and I are on.

When I first got here I had a certain expectation of what would happen. Actually, I’ve carried a certain expectation of how this WHOLE YEAR was going to pan out- and let’s just say I lead myself to disappointment. The truth is, I have no idea how anything is going to turn out. But I know that it’s all going to happen for a perfectly good reason. I accept that now and am ready to let go of fear, anger, frustration and stress.

I’ve been trying to separate myself from expectations and setting my focus on being my truest self. I want to be happy every step of my journey.
And I have never felt more RADIANT.

I was thinking this morning, (If you know me you know that I am always thinking about something HAHA) about the saying “confidence is sexy.” And some where in my stream of thoughts, I came to the realization that I want to be radiant.

I am absolutely in love with this word.
I believe it is something special. Something we all have to define on our own. To make a definition that fits each of us perfectly.

Autumn’s definition of Radiant-
“Being completely and utterly yourself. Being 100% happy, confident, and full of LOVE. Shining your personal, beautiful, light onto the world!”
What makes you radiant?

Let’s all drop the “perfect body” expectations, the beauty expectations, the “#goals” expectations.
And let’s all be our most radiant selves.

I love you guys so much,
And I am thankful for everyone that reads my blogs, likes my pictures on Instagram, and supports me and my dreams!

I have a favor to ask y’all.. More like a challenge to invite you to participate in! I want you to post a picture, one where you feel the most RADIANT and give me your personal definition. Use the hashtag #showmeyourradiant and tag some of your friends and invite them to the challenge❤️ let’s make a difference. Let’s all share our radiance.

Tag me too so I can be sure to see everyone of yalls pictures! 😊 (@richardson_autumn on IG and @richardsonaut on twitter)

I hope you guys were able to connect to this post, and were able to create a good vision of your personal “radiance.”

Lots of love,

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