How I Feel About Your Body Standard

The consumer world is a funny one.

One full of things, never ending amounts of things.

We go to school and we learn. We learn a lot of things, really. We leave school being able to read and write and count and we even know random dates in history.

We also learn about standards. How to act cool, how to dress cool,  how to talk cool. How to be cool.

It’s funny, though.

Out of all the things we learn, we never learn to love our self. We never learn to appreciate our self. We never learn that its okay to be our self.

We are all so different. So unique. So beautifullly our selves.

But we learn that who we are is not good enough.
We need to be more. More smart, more athletic, more pretty, more cool.
We also need to be less. Less opinionated, less loud, less connected, less our selves.

This is where the pressure starts. As young children we learn to care about what others think, we all want to be perceived as good.

And just like that we grow up and are never happy with ourselves.

“I’m not pretty enough.” or “I’m too fat.”

Its all too common. As a women I have felt the need to meet a certain body standard. To look a certain way.
In fact, I am recovering from an eating disorder because of it.
And you know what?
I’m so over it.

I don’t care about your body standard. I don’t care about your idea of beautiful.

I care about a lot of things. I care about our earth. I care about all human beings. I care about animal cruelty  (all animals).
The way I look does not affect the passion I have. It doesn’t have any affect on the message I want to share.

I don’t care about the clothes I’m suppose to wear or the companies I’m suppose to shop from..

I do not have any desire to be anything  that I am not.

When I weighed 105lbs I wasn’t happy. I didn’t love myself very much. I didn’t feel anymore worthy. I didn’t even feel more beautiful. I felt a lot less beautiful in all honesty. I felt a lot less myself.

It’s ironic because I thought having a “goal body” would be a cure all. I though I would be better.
I love myself. I know I am beautiful, not because of what I own or how I look..
But because I am myself.

You my friend, are beautiful. Just the way you are.

I love you.








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