Body Image and Self Love

Hello beautiful people,

I am so excited to sit down and write for the blog today!

One of the goals I have set for myself is to be more active on my blog. I really want start posting at least three times a week. I am going to start talking a lot more about health and wellness on here, it is going to be awesome! 🙂

Anyways, self love.

I feel like the words “self-love” are used too loosely. To me, those two little words hold a lot of power. Self love is not something you “earn” or need to “develop.” Self love is already inside of you. If you feel like you don’t have self love, it is only because the love is being blocked by your thought patterns.

Body image isn’t a physical issue.
It is a mental issue.

When we understand this, we can start to evaluate the relationship we have with our self.
The truth is, we spend the majority of our lives talking down to ourselves. We pass judgment about everything we do, we pick apart our bodies, we compare ourselves to others, and then we get mad at ourselves for not loving ourselves..

How are we suppose to feel love for our self when we are constantly mean to our self?

You can not beat kindness into anyone.
You cannot have a war and expect peace.

You are a being of unconditional love. Your natural state is love.
When do you feel your best? When you are being/feeling love.

When do you feel your worst? When you feel unloved/unlovable.
So WHY do we treat ourselves like we do not deserve love?
If you want to change your life in anyway, you need to look at the relationship you have with yourself. How do you talk to yourself through out the day? Start paying attention. How many times a day do you look at yourself in the mirror just to be mean to yourself? When is the last time you looked in the mirror to say, “DAMN! I am a beautiful human with so much to offer. I am so lucky to have this physical body. I love being me.”

These are the kind of words you need to be feeding yourself.
I believe in taking care of your body. Eating nutritious plant based foods and being active.. Simply because it makes you FEEL good.
But in the same breath, I do not believe in diets or body manipulation.

Your body is unique to this world. But your soul is what shines.
The most beautiful gift you can give this world is being yourself.
My granny always said, “Pretty is as pretty does.”
Those words tattooed themselves on my heart.

The beauty, the love, the acceptance you are searching for- it is already inside of you.
You just need to reconnect.

This is the main thing I work with my clients.
When you are not connected to your self love, you are limiting yourself.

Self love is your birth right. You are love.

If you are interested in working with me click here.

I love you.








6 responses to “Body Image and Self Love”

  1. First of all, I would like to say that I found such beauty and wisdom in the words of this post. I know I said this on our call earlier, but I am so grateful for the opportunity to share my journey of recovery and self-love with you. You are an amazing person who is making a real difference in this world that can be so harsh and hard to live in.

    You were definitely right about the synchronicity between this post and our call tonight, it is magic! I will be looking into synchronicity more and I will be trying to find it often from now on – it is truly incredible.
    I agree with you when you say self-love is our birth right and that having it for yourself is a mental battle, not a physical one. Society needs to stop taking that right away from us, or better yet, we need to make sure society does not take that right away from us as human beings.

    Thanks to you being here for me, I am able to get closer and closer to being the best version of myself that I can be. You have helped me see that I am worthy of love and taking pride in myself and my accomplishments. I will continue to shine brighter and nothing will ever take that from me because I refuse to let it! I love you SO, SO MUCH. Never stop being your wonderful self – you are truly inspiring.

    1. I was over the moon during our call, lol! I love you so much Carrie. You are such an amazing soul & im truly honored to know you 💗

  2. Loved this, thanks so much. I loved the bit about self love already being there, you just have to uncover it. Its not another thing we have to achieve in life! Phew!

    1. I love you so much.

  3. Loved this message. I’m sharing it with my pre teen daughter. You said it so well and beautiful.

    1. Thank you Ashley <3 I'm glad you liked this post

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