July Tarot Reading Horoscope 2017

Hello beautiful people,

Happy June! I hope May was an excellent month for you, and June is even better! These Horoscopes are made by me, from a Tarot card reading. I asked my deck of cards, “What is in store for “x zodiac sign” for the month of June?,” while channeling the energy of that particular sign. I interpret the 3 cards that present themselves to make these unique readings. Please let me know how this Horoscope relates to you you over the month. I hope you love it! 🙂  Thank you!

Lots of love,

 ARIES March 21-April 19

The three cards that came up for you are; Queen of Wands- a card of personal power, Ten of Pentacles- a card of prosperity, and Nine of Wands- a card of adversity.  This spread asks you to honor your strength and power.

You are stepping into a new found power. Life is blossoming for you in every way, and you are radiating a fierceness that is empowering you and making you feel abundant in all areas of life, and rightly so. Keep honing in on these good feelings. If your power feels challenged, don’t worry. You have everything you need, and do not need to prove yourself to anyone!!  Keep being you, doing exactly what you are doing, and working towards your goals. All the hard work you are putting in is going to pay off. Stay confident in your abilities, you are killing it.

TAURUS April 20- May 20

The three cards that came up for you are; Five of Wands- a card of confusion, King of Cups- a card indicating emotions and insecurity, and Queen of Cups- a card of creative intuition. This spread asks you to deal with emotions you have been putting off.

You are standing in a confusing/ challenging place in your life. There are some emotional issues you have been putting off, and it is time to deal with it… The work you need to do right now is completely internal. Rely on your intuition for answers, its a time for retrospect. Be honest with yourself about the emotions you have been feeling. If you do not sort through them now, it will create an even bigger burden for you to deal with in the future. Definitely take time out of your day to be alone with your thoughts, do some meditation and just “be.”

GEMINI May 21-June 20

The three cards that came up for you are; Ace of Cups- a card of new love, Eight of Wands- a card of success, and Four of Swords- a card of rest and mental clarity. This spread asks you to enjoy all that is flowing your way!

You are in for a treat! There is so much good fortune coming to you this month, Gemini! Perhaps there is a new love on the horizon, or maybe you are deepening the connection you share with your current partner. Either way, it is going to be amazing! No matter what you are focused on right now, success is going to come to you. If you are working on a goal, it is in reach- so keep persevering!  At the end of the day, you are going to be at peace with every part of you life, so take time to soak it all in. Rest, spend some time alone, and be grateful for all that you have.

CANCER June 21- July 22

The three cards that came up for you are; Two of Cups- a card of peaceful partnership, The Empress- a card of abundance, and Four of Pentacles, a card of foundation. This spread asks you to open your heart!

Love is in the air, Cancer. Not just romantic love, but love for yourself and for all of the people on your life. Perhaps you have been looking for a relationship, and are finally feeling at peace with the people in your life. You will probably be feeling (extra) affectionate, loving, and sense of over all prosperity. An abundance of love is definitely heading your way. This is also a time to evaluate how you feel around your financial situation. You are taken care of, so there is no need to stress about money right now. Really hone in on all the good feelings coming your way. Enjoy this time!

LEO July 23- August 22

The three cards that came up for you are; Nine of Cups- a card of wishes come true, The Hierophant- a card of seeking knowledge, and Seven of wands- a card of inner strength. This spread asks you to rely on yourself to obtain the abundance you desire.

You have been working very hard towards a goal. You have spent a lot of time learning, seeking mentors, reading books, and educating yourself in order to be the best version of you! The work you have out in has been recognized, and now it is time to guide yourself. The happiness, security, and life you have wanted is coming to you; do not doubt yourself. Really step into the power you have. You are more than ready to allow everything you deserve to flow to you, now its just a matter of listening to your internal fire.

VIRGO August 23- September 22

The three cards that came up for you are; The Moon- a card of Imagination, Seven of Swords- a card of deception, and Seven of Cups- a card of decision. This spread asks you to be honest with yourself.

You are facing a dilemma, and things just don’t seem right. Perhaps you have been over thinking, a lot. You feel stuck in your own head, trying to make the most rational decision, but maybe there is not one. Are you lying to yourself about the circumstances of the situation you are in? It is time for you to loosen up, and let go. You need to step back from the situation so you can see things clearly. It is obvious that the choices you need to make are tough, but use your heart and your head. Be honest to yourself and those in your life, it is time to take a deep breath and reevaluate what is going on.

LIBRA September 23- October 22

The three cards that came up for you are; Two of Pentacles- a card of balancing resources, Justice- a card of being honorable, and The Magician- a card of personal creative power. This spread asks you to rely on your personal power to make decisions.

You are going through a change, either a move, a job, or something that makes you feel unstable. Do not worry though, you are definitely moving in the right direction. You have the power to create your ideal life, so do not doubt yourself. You have thought long and hard about the decision you have made, and you have done the best you can. Stop worrying, and jump head first into this new opportunity. Everything id going to work out for you, and you know this to be true in your heart. Trust yourself, listen to your intuition, and keep making decisions that will positively influence your life.

Scorpio October 23-November 21

The three cards that came up for you are; Judgment- a card of awakening, The High Priestess- a card of intuition, and Six of Cups- a card of memories. This spread asks you to lean on your intuition for improvement.

You have been working on yourself, or are about to start a self betterment journey. Keep putting energy into bettering yourself, because that is what is going to fulfill you at this time. Spend time connecting to your intuition. Alone time, yoga, meditation, and other acts of self love will be very beneficial for you. You might feel pulled towards your childhood, or reconnect with old friends. They are showing up for a reason, see that they have to teach you. This is going to be a good month for you as long as you stay true to yourself.

SAGITTARIUS November 22- December 21

The three cards that came up for you are; Strength- a card of fortitude, Three of Pentacles- a card of team work, and Nine of Pentacles- a card of financial independence. This spread asks you to hone on on your strength, and the strength of others.

You are working really hard, with many goals set for yourself. You might be feeling a little lost or scared of the future, but you shouldn’t be. Instead use that energy to cultivate your inner strength, more specifically the power of your heart. Lean on yourself and others for emotional strength during this time. You want to be completely independent, and you will be, but don’t be to prideful to accept help form others. You will be rewarded greatly for all of your hard work, but first step put of your own head and step into your strength.

CAPRICORN December 22- January 19

The three cards that came up for you are; Eight of cups- a card of walking away, Page of Swords- a card of looking deeper, and Page of Pentacles-a card of good luck. This spread asks you to evaluate your life’s path.

You are realizing that it is time to walk away from your current situation. There is nothing left for you where you are standing, and you need to leave in order to grow. Really look deeper into what has been going on, and your feelings around it. Maybe it is time for you to listen to your heart. There is good fortune waiting for you, if you follow the message your intuition has been telling you. Do not be scared, you are being pulled in the right direction. Surrender to your true purpose and all will be happy and abundant.

Aquarius January 20-February 18

The three cards that came up for you are; Ten of Wands- a card of hardship, Ace of Cups- a new beginning a card of Knight of Swords- a card of warning. This spread is asking you to be prepared for change.

You have been feeling trapped for a while. You have put yourself in a situation that has left you shouldering many burdens. This period has finally come to an end and it is time for you to start a new. There is an exciting new chapter of your life starting, and it couldn’t be any more deserved! Keep a look out for messages that will be presented to you. The universe is conspiring to show you the way, so be prepared for a welcome change in direction.

Pisces February 19- March 20

The three cards that came up for you are; Five of swords- a card of confusion, Ace of Cups, a card of new beginnings, and Queen of Wands- a card of growth. This spread asks you to pick yourself back up.

You have been going through a hard time, things have not been right. You have felt confused and lost in the world, and its been a weird time for you. Thankfully you are seeing the light at the end of the tunnel. You are stepping into a brand new beginning, a very beautiful and inspiring space. You are ready to shed the weight of the past and step into your full power! There is a lot of creative energy being woken up inside of you, and its time for you to put it to use. This is a big shift for you, so be gentle on yourself as you begin to prosper again!





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