Not So Good Feeling Emotions

One thing I have really found to be true, is that our emotions are indicators. They are suppose to show us when something feels great, and when things don’t feel so good with in us.
Basically, emotions let you know when something does or doesn’t align with you.

I want to take a moment to discuss you. Who are you, really? No, I am not talking about your physical body, or the human identity that has been bestowed upon you.
I’m talking about your source. Your core. Your consciousness.
The being that is truly you.

We are taught to identify with our exterior presence, and yes, this physical body is the shell that carries around our soul- but it is nothing more than that. We typically spend so much time focusing on our physical that we neglect our spirit.

When is the last time you spoke to your soul? That you just stopped- took a few deep, healing breaths, and asked yourself how you are doing?

Connecting with your soul is key to truly understanding your emotions. When you know who you are you will not identify so deeply with your emotions. You will be able to feel them, process them, and then let them go.

The goal is to allow your emotions to guide you in the right direction rather than dictate your life.

Channeling Negative Emotions

We always judge our situations as “good” or “bad” depending on how we feel, but our emotions don’t ask us to drown in them.. They show us how we feel so we can know if what we are doing is beneficial, if it is; we should do more. If it’s not; we should do less. When we are experiencing an emotion it is to help us become stronger, wiser, and better people. Not to hold us back. By experiencing more emotions we learn more about ourselves. Everything that happens in our life forces us to grow. We may not like every thing that happens, and not every emotion is going to feel good.. but every experience is necessary.

What would “good” be if we had no idea what “bad” was?
Rather than looking at our emotions as the say-all, look at them as signs.
When tragic things occur, we will be in pain.. There is no avoiding that. Loss will always happen because it is apart of life. How we channel those emotions is what truly matters.

When you feel hurt, you will have an excess of emotions.. An excess of energy. Even though that energy was derived from not so good feeling emotions, you can choose the trajectory of that energy. You can take that energy and turn it into anything.

How do you deal with negative emotions?
Do you drink or do drugs? Do you turn to food, restricting or bingeing?  Maybe you dive deep into exercise, distracting yourself from the pain..
Numbing the emotions does not defeat them. Running from what you have been through does not make the situation disappear.
Take that energy and create. Turn those emotions into something that will benefit you, instead of letting them completely consume you..

This takes practice. It takes conscious thought & action. It does not need to happen over night, and YES you are allowed to morn.. But be conscious. Be aware of how you are feeling and what you are doing with those feelings.
Your mind is a powerful tool, but you are ultimately the one in control of your reality. Listen to your emotions & see what you can learn from them.. Let them guide you.
Fully experience your emotions, allowing them to be felt- and then letting it go. This is how you heal. This is how you keep growing.

Lots of love,


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