August Tarot Reading Horoscope

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This months Horoscopes are going to be a little bit different. I am still drawing 3 cards from my tarot deck for each sign, but I am also drawing a 4th card from my Mermaid Oracle Deck. Oracle of the Mermaids- Magical messages of Healing, Love, and Romance. This deck is absolutely beautiful and I am so excited to start incorporate it into my readings. I am also including a picture of the cards drawn for each zodiac sign this this month! 🙂
I hope you love it!
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Aries March 21- April 19

The three cards that came up for you are: Ten of Wands- a card of burdens, Seven of Swords, a card of secrets, and The Star- a card of dreams and wishes. The Mermaid card that came up for you is: #39 Vulnerability- “Open your heart, allow yourself to be tender”
All of these cards relate beautifully, calling you to be honest with yourself.

You have been lying to yourself, and maybe even others, about how you truly feel. This is an act of self sabotage, causing you to feel burdened & even a little dark. You keep putting off your emotions instead of truly feeling them.. And you cannot do this any longer… Let go. Don’t be scared, be yourself.  You will break through this hard time by being authentic and honest. Once you work through these emotions, really allowing yourself to feel, process, and then release, you will be able to be truly happy. There is so much beauty inside of you. You have huge dreams, and the power of allowing them to manifest. Its up to you to alter the course of your reality. Take the negative energy & allow yourself to transcend it to something positive.

Taurus April 20- May 20

The three cards that came up for you are; Ace of Cups- a card of abundance love, Three of Cards- a card of team work, and The Fool, a card of naive & new beginnings.  The Mermaid card that came up for you is: #41 Sister Hood- “friendship, allies, compatible souls, loyalty, joy, delight.”

There is a lot of unity coming up for you! This is a time to allow yourself to connect. Be open to all forms of love. You have been searching for people who align with your truest self. Maybe the people that have been in your life are not very supportive of your pursuits, or think you are naive and do not understand your values.. The type of connection you have been craving is arriving. Accept help from others when you need it, and do not be afraid to out yourself out there.. You will be understood. This is the beginning of a joyous and abundant time for you. Be open to receiving.

Gemini May 21- June 20

The three cards that came up fro you are; The Sun- a card of vitality, Ace of Wands- a card of growth, and Justice- a card of choices. The Mermaid card that came up for you is: #12 The Present- “Gift, treasure, revelation of own value, now-ness.”

You are creating a new, brighter, more fulfilling energy/way of thinking. You are focused on cultivating good vibes, and allowing that to guide you. This might not be the easiest  pursuit, but focus on making decisions that align with you. Be in the moment as much as possible and listen to your intuition. You know when something truly aligns with you, and when it does not.. Make sure ever decision you make is based on the good feeling you are trying to maintain. Be accepting of anything positive that comes your way. As you shift your perception and fly at a higher frequency, you will allow abundance to flow into your life.

Cancer June 21- July 22

The three cards that came up for you are; Knight of Cups- a card of genuine intentions, Ten of Swords- a card signifying something coming to the end, and Ace of Pentacles- a card of abundance. The Mermaid card that came up for you is: #24 Soul Cage- “Rescue, escape from captivity and restriction”

It is very clear that there is something you need to let go of in order to be truly happy.. And you know it to! You have free yourself from the grasps of whatever is pulling you down.. and when you do, you will be completely free. Abundance in all areas of life awaits you with open arms, but before you can accept all that is already yours- you have to allow yourself to be free. Make the choice, set the intention, and take back your life. No one controls you or your circumstances except for you!!

Leo July 23- August 22

The three cards that came up for you are; Four of Cups- a card indicating discontentment, Four of Pentacles- a card of control, and Three of Cups- a card of joyful friendship. The Mermaid card that came up for you is; #36 Time Out- “Awareness, contemplation, solitude, time alone”
Your journey has been tough, as most journeys are. But, there has also been a lot of great things happen for you. You are surrounded by people who love ans care for you. If you have been feeling less yourself lately, it is because you have been under too much stress. Be aware if your emotions, how are you feeling? Let go of the things you can not control. Allow yourself, your circumstances, and your whole life to just “be.” You need to spend more time alone, contemplating your emotions in order to process them & allow them to really be released. Also create time to connect with friends that lift you up, and allow you to be yourself. Look to them for guidance & contagious happiness.

Virgo August 23- September 22

The three cards that came up for you are; Five of Swords- a warning card of self destruction, Ten of Swords- a card representing hitting rock bottom, and Judgment- a card of forgiveness. The Mermaid card that came up for you is- #43 Endurance “Keep going!”
You have been moving in a direction that does not serve your higher purpose. Self sabotage has become too prominent, its time to move forward. You need to forgive yourself, and start doing things to help yourself. You may feel like the victim,and maybe you have experienced wrong doings.. but ultimately this is your life & you are the only one that can help you now. Let go of blame. If you do not, you will reach your lowest point soon. But sometimes its good to hit rock bottom, because from there we can only go up. Do not give up on yourself. Your journey is just beginning.

Libra September 23- October 22

The three cards that came up for you are; Justice- a card of making decisions, Four of Swords- a card of introversion and mental power, and Seven of Pentacles, a card of contemplation and uncertainty. The Mermaid card that came up for you is; #28 Sanctuary- “Privacy, inviolate personal space, respected boundaries, taboos”
You are being called to take some time to be alone and rest. Life has been crazy lately, to say the least. You have been faced with many hard decisions, and had very little time to take it easy & revitalize from all that has been thrown at you.. This is your time to heal and soak up the present moment. Try not to over think to much, what has been done is over, and you cannot go back now. Allow yourself the time to be still with your thoughts. Process any emotions you need to, and let the past go. Allow yourself to be free of the worries and doubts that are attached to your decisions. Look inwards for solace.

Scorpio October 23- November 21

The three cards that came up for you are; Two of Pentacles, a card of balance & change, Seven of Wands, a card of inner strength, and The High Priestess, a card of mystery and the intuition. The Mermaid card that came up for you is; #14 Water Flight- “Heaviness lifts, burdens are cast away, weightlessness”
There has been, or will be, a shift in your life. Something that has brought up emotions you have been avoiding. They may feel like a burden, but now is not the time to run from what you are feeling. Allow yourself to feel, process and release these emotions. Your intuition has been trying to reach you, allow her to be your guide. This is going to be an extremely transformative time for you. Breath into this moment and lean on yourself. The work you need to do can only be resolved internally, but once the work is done you will be free. You are powerful, your inner strength will carry you through this shift. Trust yourself, you are divine.

Sagittarius November 22- December 21

The three cards that came up for you are; The Magician- a card of self empowerment, Justice- a card of karmic decisions, and Two of wands- a card of determination. The Mermaid card that came up for you is; #30 Telepathy-“Non-verbal communication, energetic pulses, “mind reading””
You are in a position to reach your goals and really prosper. You are being called to work hard, focus, and allow yourself to thrive! Be conscious of how you spend your time and what you put your energy into. Prioritize intuitively, this is time to take action and get things done. Motivate yourself and stay focused. When you need to make decisions make sure you have the big picture in mind. Pay attention to how you talk to yourself, and how you allow others to talk to you.. Only allow good vibes to enter you space at this time. You will be successful, grind it out!

Capricorn December 20- January 19

The three card that came up for you are; Five of Wands- a card of conflict or feeling lost, Eight of Cups- a card of walking away, and King of Wands- a card of confidence. The Mermaid card that came up for you is; #16 Reflections- “What you contemplate can actualize”
You are feeling lost or conflicted in some way. There might be an internal battle going on, or a situation that is leaving you scattered.. You are being asked to reflect, to really look at whats going on. Evaluate your emotions. Be honest with yourself. If you are doing something that is no longer serving you, it is time to walk away. It cane be hard to let things go, but change is refreshing. There is no need to feel powerless, you are strong & have so much beauty to share with this world. Take time to heal your internal wounds and you will be able to soar. Sometimes we have to let go in order to truly be ourselves. Its time to walk away from anything that is hindering you. Your highest self is ready to be embodied.

Aquarius January 20- February 18

The three cards that came up for you are:  Emperor- a card of strong Masculine energy,  Queen of Cups- a card of sensitivity & intuition, and The High Priestess a card of all that is mystical, psychic, and intuition related. Mermaid card: #1 Beauty- “grace, loveliness, integrity of form & spirit.”
Aquarius, there is strong energy rising with in you. This is a time for you to put all of this magnificent energy towards yourself. Focus on the relationship you have with yourself. Take care of yourself on all levels. Talk to yourself, take extra time to check in with you through out each day. You are being called to accept yourself. To take care of yourself mentally, physically, and emotionally. To see your inner & outer beauty! This starts with you being kind & more loving to your physical body, but also putting more emphasis on who you are as a being. Talk to your intuition. She is rising inside of you.

Pisces February 19- March 20

The three cards that came up for you are; The Fool- a card of spontaneity, Seven of Cups- a card of choice, and The World- a card of completion. The Mermaid card that came up for you is: #20 Falling in Love- “Kissing the divine in another, in yourself”

Pisces, there has been a huge shift for you. New beginnings have surfaced and you have been having to make a lot of life choices. Despite the chaos that has been at the back of your mind, you have taken a leap. You might now have always had the support you wanted, but you did not deed it. By relying on yourself you have been able to really be yourself. The chapter of certainty has come to an end, and you are left feeling complete with in your self. You are filling so good, and so proud of yourself, you are allowing the most beautiful of love to fill your heart. Love that is divine. It might be the relationship you have with yourself, or the lover that has popped into your life (or both),but it is love on a soul level. Embrace this time of love & allow yourself to experience the most beautiful kind of happiness.


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  1. Beautiful readings

    1. Thank you so much <33

  2. Having a scroll through all of your old posts and just wanted to say that the Libra one was absolutely spot on for me. I had some stressful things happen in July, and in August I dropped down to part time at uni so that I could spend more time alone and process everything. Much love <33

    1. AHH!!<3 so happy to hear this feedback!! I’m glad it was relevant for you 😀

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