How to Find Your Soul

Soul searching is one of the most important gifts we can give to ourselves, and back to the world. I am not implying your soul is lost, because she is, has always been, and will always be, apart of you- even when you are not acting through soul.
I want you to connect to your soul. I want you to be able to know how to access that good feeling place that is soul.
So… What is soul?

Soul- The real you, who you are at your core. The part of you that is connected to source/God.

  Why/how do we become disconnected from our soul?
There are so many factors that can take us away from our soul. Outside forces, things we see, hear, and learn. Pressure we feel to be cool, look a certain way, and blend in. Think about a child. They don’t care where they are, who they are with, what is going on around them.. They are going to be themselves. They will cry, scream, laugh, dance, be silly, whatever they are feeling, anywhere at any time… Until they get spanked, or yelled at by someone older, then they stop. The more scared they become to be themselves, the more pinched off from soul they become. Until eventually, they do not even remember what it was like to truly be themselves.. And then they turn 6 years old, and get sent off to 12 years of “act this way not that way” school, and learn how to be just like everyone else.. But that is a whole other can of worms..
Today we are going to talk about getting you back in-touch with your soul. Back to your true self.

  1. Spend A LOT more time alone.

    By alone I mean, by yourself, with yourself only, off your phone, with no TV, no outside stimulation… Just you and your thoughts. Use this time to ask yourself questions like, “Who am I?” “What do I like to do?” “What makes me happy?” “When do I feel most myself?” “What things make me feel alive?”
    You can journal your responses when you are ready, but really take some time to think about it. In fact, ask yourself until you receive an answer, rather than think an answer. This may feel uncomfortable at first, but keep doing it. The more you talk to yourself the easier it becomes, and before you know it, you will be able to hear your soul’s whispers.

  2. Keep a Journal.

    Have a place to write down your emotions, thoughts, ideas, basically anything and everything. Get to know yourself by writing through what you are feeling. Do not internalize everything, let it out! The best way to do that is through pen and paper. Everything you feel is valid, and you need to know that. It is natural to feel a range of emotions, do not bottle those up. Let out your feelings, this will help clear up some space in your mind- which will create room for you to get to know who you are.

  3. Meditate.

    Meditation is great for helping you quite the noise that goes on your mind.. You can start anywhere you want. Sitting cross legged for 5 minutes a day focusing on your breath, doing a guided meditation, or maybe just walking and listening to music will help you quiet your mind. Our brains are amazing tools, but they are not us. We train our brains to think thoughts, typically in patterns we have started to build since we were little. “What do they think of me?” “Is this good enough?” “Should I wear this or is it weird?” “Ugh I am ugly.” We have taught our mind to tell us a story. We can rewrite that story, with awareness. Meditation helps us build that awareness, so we can hear the story of our soul. (I will blog more about meditation specifically in the future!)

  4. Be Open Minded.

    Is there anything you have been wanting to try but keep pushing it off, or feel negative about? I challenge you to try it! You never know what you will or will not like until you try it. You never know what will truly light your soul on fire!! <3 Be silly and playful. Let yourself be a child. Swim, dance, run, climb tress.. Be wild! Go for it. Wear the clothes you like, wear you hair in ways you like it, pursue a career in something you love, and FUCKING OWN IT. The more do things you love, the more you stay feeling happy, loving, and playful- the more your soul will shine. Before you know it, you will truly be living through your soul.

  5. Be Picky.

    Yes, you are the center of your own reality. You are your own first priority, and caring for yourself first does NOT make you selfish. Be conscious of how you feel in each moment. Be picky about the things you allow into your life. How do the people you hang out with affect your energy, positively or negatively? When you look at your social media feeds, do you feel inspired to be more yourself or to change yourself? BE PICKY. Surround yourself with good energy and nourishing thoughts. Be aware of your emotional state, be aware of your mood, be aware of your soul. Try to act out of authenticity in every moment of every day.

  6. Accountability.

    Connecting to your true self can be a process, it takes time and patience. You need to be kind to yourself along the way. Find a way to hold yourself accountable. If you have a friend who is also embarking this journey, you can encourage each other together. Maybe your mom can help you stay accountable. Try to create a routine around self care, alone time, and journaling. Make it fun, be creative, and allow yourself to flow in your natural rhythms. If you think you need more guidance along the way, and feel called to working with me, I do offer coaching for Self Love- and a huge part of that is getting in touch with your soul, and being your authentic self. If you are interested in coaching with me, you can get more information here: Body Confidence Boot Camp.

This journey is about you. It is about you getting to know yourself, cherish yourself, and love yourself for exactly who you are. I truly believe a life lived through the soul is a life full of love, happiness, and abundance. I wish you well on your beautiful journey, and I want to thank you for embarking on it. The world needs more authenticity, and more self love. I am proud of you, and I love you so much.

Lots of love,

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