Signs You’re Craving Self Care

Our bodies are always communicating with us. We know when we need sleep because we feel tired, our bodies are more fatigued and it is easier for us to become distracted. When our bodies need sleep- we typically do the best we can to honor those signs & give ourselves what we need. Because with out sleep we are just unable to function properly- so in our minds, sleep is a must..

Our body talks to us in the same way about eating, needing water, and needing to use the restroom.. But what about all of the other things we feel through out the day, but do not take the time to honor? When we are stressed out, feeling down, or low in motivation- our body is still communicating with us. Most of the times things like this come up when we need to devote a little more time to self care. The difference in these signs and the signs we receive when we need sleep- is that we know we will “be ok” if we continue moving forward. In fact a lot of the time, we feel like taking a pause & giving ourselves the care we are craving is a waste of time.. CRAZY!! Because even though we will still function with out self care- we will not function to our optimal level.. because we will not be feeling our best.
Self care is such an under estimated tool. Self care holds the key to productivity. When we feel good- we have more energy to share.

Here are the top 5 Signs I have noticed that my body tells me when I need to take more time for self care. Of course your signs might be a little different, so make sure you honor your feelings <3

  1. I start becoming anxious.
    When I’m not giving myself the care & space I need, one of the first signs my body gives me is a sense of anxiety. I begin getting overwhelmed by small things, feeling like there is not enough time in the day, and not knowing why this feeling was brought on. I usually take time out of my day to ground myself & get back in touch with myself. Deep breathing, going for slow walks in nature, and listing to what I need.

  2. I am unmotivated.
    My lack of self care usually leads to me not feeling like doing anything at all. When this happens I find it hard to accomplish the things I wanted to do that day. I end up procrastinating, spending way too much time on my phone, and feeling lousy about myself. I try to recognize this when the day first begins, and dedicate my morning to self care. From there, I am usually able to salvage my day. Sometimes one morning isn’t enough, and I have to give myself extra time to get back to feeling good.

  3. I feel like crying.
    I am a sensitive person to begin with, and when I neglect myself all of my emotions bubble to the surface and I feel everything. This usually happens when I am going through a hard time, and am not holding the space for myself that I need. When I am feeling this way, I focus on validating my feelings. I like to pick out a crystal I am feeling called to, lay on my yoga mat with hands on belly, and let myself cry. I feel so much better after giving myself proper space to process emotions.

  4. My back hurts and my shoulders are tense.
    This is one of the tell-tell signs that I have been putting off my self care. My body craves stretching, hot baths, and having the time to unwind and relax. When I am constantly on the move, tension moves into my back and shoulders. Sometimes it hurts so bad it forces me to get on my yoga mat and stretch. If I don’t take the time to process my stress it manifests in my physical body. People tend to hold this tension in different areas, so once you locate yours- make sure you are listening to it!

  5. I don’t feel good.
    This is a feelings that’s a little card to explain, because I know I am not sick- but I just don’t feel right… It usually plays into the unmotivated feeling, but usually involves me getting really upset with me. I beat myself up over all the little things, I point out everything I do “wrong” and I usually start feeling sorry for myself. When I find myself acting this way I go outside, walk in the sun, and find my chill (lol). I turn on music that makes me feel good, and focus on the good things going on in my life. Once I get myself in a better head space, I do some positive affirmation work and fill myself with as much love as I can.



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