New Moon Ritual: Intuition & Intention Setting

New Moon Rituals are one of my favorite ways to honor my personal moon. I am talking the cycles of the women body- yes, my period. Although, I prefer to call it “my moon” because it has a much more nourishing and loving tone.
My moon is in sync with the cycle of the moon- and it occurs around the time of the new moon, and I ovulate around the time of the full moon.  So when the New Moon rolls around, I am feeling a little more tired, introverted, and in touch with my intuition. During this time of the cycle, I tend to focus more on tarot reading, resting, gentle Kundalini yoga/breathing exercises, and self care. I do not feel as outwardly expressive, but I do feel rather in touch. 
Learning about the cycles of the women body, how to care for myself & honor the energies that each phase brings- is becoming a passion of mine. There is so little information taught to us, about our own bodies. This is something  I would love to write more about on my blog… but for now, lets jump into our ritual.

What you need

You don’t necessarily need anything to preform a new moon ritual, just yourself and your heart. But a few items I always use are:
Crystals- different ones depending on what I feel called to
Oracle of The Mermaids

A journal & pen
My ritual candle

Intuition- This is not about being perfect, or holding yourself to any standard. This is a time for you to get in touch with your higherself- your intuition. With out overthinking, just feel your way through. Do what you feel called to do, write what you feel called to write, and have fun. Allow yourself to be guided by YOU!


The first thing to do before our ritual, is to clear the energy in our space. I like to use sage to smudge my space or you can use palo santo. I then like to say a little prayer, and call upon my angels and spirit guides to bless this new cycle. I like to tune in and get super present- so I usually take myself through a quick body scan- imagining the moons bright light beaming down on me. I see it touching my head, neck, shoulders, arms, etc. and allow it to wash over my whole body. I imagine its nourishing light is cleansing me, and connecting me to Earth. When I open my eyes I bring attention to my heart, and ask her to guide me through this ritual. I will then light my ritual candle and begin looking inward.

New Moon Intentions

This particular New Moon is in Capricorn-  the earthy energy calls upon us to ground and feel safe. This also sets a tone of financial abundance & prosperity- as Saturn is also in Capricorn after 3 long years in Sagittarius. This is a great time for action! What ever you have been wanting to do, from a place of passion- this is time. Find your power!! This is the main message of this New Moon- hone in on your passionate power & allow yourself to flow.
I like to get put my journal and write down a few intentions I have for this new cycle. I often flow with the energy of the current new moon. For this new moon I am setting intentions to allow myself to be open to abundance, and to heal traumas so I can feel more grounded and safe in my day-to-day life. Then I like to write some actions I can take. For abundance- I need to focus less on physical money & more on vibrational abundance, so generating a feeling of freedom. For me this means: being outside more, writing more, doing more tarot & rituals, having fun with simple things, dancing & yoga, etc. For grounding and healing- I will do root chakra clearing things like listening to music at a frequency of 396Hz, walking barefoot, wearing red & eating red foods, etc. I can also meditate, talk about my feelings, and journal more frequently.
I will just write this all in my journal- with the page titled January 2018 New Moon Intentions.

Crystals & Manifesting

This month I have been very attracted to: Clear Quartz– a crystal that purifies, amplifies, and heals. Smoky Quartz- grounding, protection, and healing. Citrine- power, creativity, and energy.
I will get my crystals out & call upon their energy. I will imagine myself encompassing the energy of each crystal I felt called to practice with today.. How does that energy make me feel? How can I bring that energy into my daily life?
Then I will think of the things & feelings I would like to manifest into my life. Financial abundance and being self employed full time is one of the most prevalent things I want to bring to fruition right now. I will write this in my journal- and imagine myself with that financial freedom. How does it make me feel? How can I use the energies of this new cycle to help me manifest this? I will then call upon Lakshmi- the goddess of wealth/prosperity. I will chant to her, and ask her to guide me this cycle. (You can call upon any angel, God, Goddess, etc. that resonates with you. More than anything its about cultivating an energy- and getting yourself into that receiving space).

Closing & Oracle Reading

After I finish manifesting, goal, & intention setting- I will pull out my Oracle of the Mermaid Deck. You can use any tarot or oracle deck you feel called to- but I really resonate with this deck. I cleanse it with my sage- and begin. There is an amazing New Moon Spread in this guide book, I highly recommend looking up a new moon spread & using it to help guide you through this new cycle. This is one of my favorite parts of the ritual.
After I have laid out my spread- I sit for a few moments. I contemplate what came up for me trough out this ritual, what messages came through. I like to find one word that sums up the energy I am cultivating, and use that as a mantra to turn back to through out the cycle. Last month my one word was “change.”
I then thank the moon for her cycle and grace. I thank mother Earth for her stability, unconditional love and courage. I thank the sun for her strength and power. And I thank myself for showing up and connecting.


let me know if you try this ritual, and what you think!
Thank you for being here with me.
Happy New Moon!!
Lots of Love,




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  1. Great read and info! Thank you.

    1. Thank you babe! So glad it resonated 💙
      Happy new moon!!

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