February 2018 Oracle Horoscope

Hello magical beings,
Happy February! <3
I hope January was an amazing start to the new year, and you are able to take that energy with you into this month as well. If it wasn’t as great as you would have wished it be- don’t worry! Every second is an opportunity to shift your vibration and start a new.
Se, let this month bring you magic, love, and fulfilment.

February is a special month, in my eyes at least. I love the idea of love. Valentines Day has been my favorite holiday since I can remember. Not because of romance (although I am a HUGE romantic) but because I love to feel, give, and receive love. I love for others to know how much they are loved. On that note, this months Horoscope is going to be a little bit different- in Honor of this Magical month of Love; I am using my Oracle of the Mermaids Deck to give your horoscope this month. This deck is specific for giving messages of Healing, Love, and Romance. Anndd, to be honest, this is my deck of choice. I hope you LOVE this months horoscope. Hehe. Enjoy!!

Aries: March 21-April 19

The Mermaid card that came up for you is- #26; Air- Breathing deep, entering into life, exchange of life-bringing energies. This beautiful card comes to you when you need to breathe deeply. Getting in touch with nature and fresh air will do you wonders this month! Remembering that you share breath with all humans, animals, plants, and trees will help you feel less alone. You are not alone, but apart of the beautiful orchestration we call life. Bask in the essence of breath. This card my also be asking you to slow down a little bit, and make time to breath, to just be. Perhaps mediation is calling your name! But above all, the Mermaids want you to be conscious of your breathing. Breathe is our anchor into the present moment. Through her our worries fade and our fears slip away. For in the moment of the breath we remember we are completely taken care of.
This months affirmation is: I am present. I am safe. I full.

Taurus April 20- May 20

The Mermaid card that came up for you is #14; Water Flight- Heaviness lifts, burdens are cast away, weightlessness. This card comes to you when you are carrying a lot of stress or worry, and it asks you to let go for a time. The Mermaids urge you to spend time in healing bodies of water, where you can experience true weightlessness. On surface level, this is a card about feeling heavy. But it has deeper emotional ties. This card often comes up when you have unprocessed emotional burdens. The sea within us- our emotions. It is time to feel, and get in touch with your emotional side. Cry, and allow these tears to cleanse you. What is your relationship with the Feminine like? Connect to her, the sensitive & loving side of yourself. Through this you will be truly light.
This months Affirmation: I feel. I process. I am free.


Gemini: May 21- June 20

The Mermaid card that came up for you is; #6 Energy Field Adjustment- Aura cleansing and health. When this card comes to you, it is asking you to prioritize your mental, physical, spiritual & emotional health. There are many ways to cleanse your aura- from salt water baths, reiki healing, kundalini yoga, etc. so pick the one that resonates with you. This card comes with a sense of urgency, you cannot out of your healing any longer. Its time to put yourself first. Tend to your emotions, allow yourself to feel & process. The more clear you become the easier it will be for you to cleanse your aura. Let go of resentment, fear and anything holding you back. Step into the seat of love- and watch yourself transform! The Mermaids believe our hair is closely tied the aura. That’s what Mermaids have such long, beautiful hair- being water beings, its easy for them to keep their aura strong. Brush your hair with love, and take care of yourself from the inside out!
Your affirmation this month is: I am love. I am light. It is safe to be me.


Cancer: June 21-July 22

The Mermaid card that came up for you is #7; Freedom- Independence, self determination. When this card comes to us, it asks us to get to know ourselves, our Truths, and our desires. This card asks you to be authentic to yourself. To not change or shrink yourself to fit someone’s ideals or expectations, but to stand firm with in yourself. You might need to disconnect from others in order to examine who you are. It can be easy to absorb other peoples energy and lose sight of your own. Go inward and feel. What you feel, think, and believe is valid! You are the only one who knows the potential of who you are. Allow yourself to be the light you are meant to be. Spend time brainstorming ideas, tapping into your talents, and cultivating self worth. This will liberate you.
This months affirmation: I am free to be myself. I am free to express myself. I am free to accept myself.


Leo: July 23- August 22

The Mermaid card that came up for you is #21: The Mirror- Know thyself, self-examination, seeing who you really are. This card comes to us when we need to reflect on ourselves. But this reflection is not critical, it is loving. This card does not ask you to evaluate yourself, like we often times want to do, but to looking lovingly at where you are & who you are. Embracing yourself, your beauty, your flaws, and everything in-between. Not wanting to change or judge who you are- but admiring who you are. This card wants you to recognize how amazing you truly are. This is a card about self love. Acknowledging your soul, the purity & beauty that is you. Look for areas that need to be mended and healed. Sing love into every inch of your vessel- because you are love. Spend time journaling about your emotions, and being kind to yourself!
This weeks affirmation is: I am love. I am perfect. I am divine.


Virgo: August 23- September 22

The Mermaid card that came up for you is #8: Fertility- Potential, powerful creative energy, initiation energy. When this card comes to us it asks us to start preparing! Whether is be for a project, creative idea, or actually having a child! This energy is creative & abundant. The Mermaids Gift you this energy when they feel like you have something to give to this world. This card urges you to prioritize yourself and your well being. Start new schedules & regimens to help you feel your best! Start anew with this expansive energy, there is no limit! Nurture yourself and any project you are ready to begin. If you have been thinking about starting something new, now is the time to start looking further into that project!
This months mantra: I am blissful. I am prosperous. I am abundant.

Libra: September 23- October 22

The Mermaid card that came up for you is #9: The Magic of the Cohellen Druith- Caution, Secrecy, Wary. This card comes to us when we need to take power into our own hands. Everything in your life is your choice. Who see, who you spend time with, how you dress, how you do your hair.. All of these choices are yours & yours alone. This card wants to free you, to help you get out of the confines you have our yourself in. Break free by taking a stance, speaking your truth, and being fearless in your decisions. It is time for you to do what feels right for you. Create a symbol for who you are. Be bold & strong with in that! There is no need to run from who you are, or change who you are. Those who love you will accept you, and those who don’t- are not meant to be in your life.
Affirmation: I am l free. I am capable. I am in control.


Scorpio: October 23- November 21

The Mermaid card that came up for you is #39: Vulnerability- open your heart, allow yourself to be tender. When this card comes to you, it asks that you take time to heal. The kind of healing that can only be done when you dig deep- feel and process. Be honest with yourself about what you’ve been through. Look at your hurts in the eye and acknowledge you pain. Vulnerability is a gift, because it allows us to feel to the depths of this human experience. This card wants you to ask for help in the areas you need it, to be soft & gentle with yourself. Open up to a friend, or a councilor, and begin mending your wounds. Through vulnerability you will heal. You will realize how human we all are, and how connected we all are. Vulnerability is the root of being a human, feelings are our gift. Freedom lies where our feelings are felt, and accepted.
This weeks affirmation: I am safe. I am open. I am accepted.

Sagittarius: November 22- December 21

The Mermaid card that came up for you is #25: The Selkie & Her Skin- Reclaiming your authenticity. When this card comes to you, you are being asked to be free. To get back in touch with your most authentic, true, and playful self. Do the things you love, that make your heart feel full. Be true to your innocence and your wildness. Connect with like minded Sisters and dance! Let loose in environments that nurture you & allow you to feel safe. Create a space for yourself that you can turn to and breathe in. Be authentic in everything you do. Know there is a “special touch” only you can add to any idea, project, etc. Embrace yourself, live for yourself, and shed your layers.
This months affirmation: I am free. I am proud. I am authentic.


Capricorn: December 22- January 19

The Mermaid card that came up for you is #19: Atlantis- Rapid development, excellence, success. This card comes to you when you are in the flow. This card is al about moving inΒ  a way that resonates with you. Exploring the things you are interested in. No matter what direction you decide to go in right now, it will be prosperous. Your vibration is high, and you are feeling connected. Tap into this expansive energy and allow yourself to be carried. Following your heart will keep you authentic- the more you love the easier this journey will be. Your feeling connected to Angels, Spirit, and Guides is real. You have always been connected to these cosmic beings, you are just finally seeing clearly now. Run with this energy, work through your soul, and give back as much as you can. This is a beautiful time in your existence- there is no doubt.
This months affirmation is: I am one with everything. I am full of love. I am full of abundance.


Aquarius: January 20- February 18

The Mermaid card that came up for you is #20: Falling in Love- Kissing the Divine in another, in yourself. When this card comes up for you it is time to fall in love. Fall in love with the Earth, nature, animals, and Oceans. Fall In love with places, people, and yourself. You are being guided to recognize how beautiful love is, and how incredibly liberating it is to love unapologetically. We are never more vulnerable than we are when we are in love, but we are also never more powerful. To be in love is to be enchanted. Embrace this feeling, it is so special and so rare. Practice falling in love with yourself this month, writing your own love letters and celebrating yourself. Be honest in your feelings, and let them be felt to the depths of every emotion. Rejoice in the beautiful feeling of love.
This months affirmation: I am pure. I am divine. I am unconditional love.


Pisces: February 19- March 20

The Mermaid card that came up for you is #17: Farewell to the Moon- Appreciate and enjoy the lunar light and cycles. When this card comes to you, you are being called to get in touch with your cycle. To understand the natural rhythms of your body. Also, to come to terms with the seasons and cycles of life. The mermaids want you to know that its ok to be small. Its ok to be down, to feel sad or unproductive. We cycle through seasons, we have times where we thrive and times when we need to rest. Just like the moon- we cycle, too. As women, we also cycle with our periods. This is a message for you to get in touch with your flow. Notice how the phases of your cycle match the phases of the moon cycle. Understand what is happening during these different phases, and how to optimally take care of yourself accordingly. Honor this cycle.
This months affirmation: I am in touch. I am in sync. I am in rhythm.

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  1. the capricorn read matchs with me in a incredible way! As well with all months you do this for us!! So grateful, Autumn!! Love you always!

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