Emotional Healing Ritual

Sitting with my emotions has become a huge practice for me over these past few months. This is something I really encourage- and honestly think is necessary! Creating space for yourself to feel & heal. To process & release. This is how we grow & evolve in this human experience.
I think it can be all too easy to “take hits” with out taking the time to mend our wounds. One of the most important things to realize is, that it is ok to hurt. It is ok to feel upset, to be sad, to feel broken. Because- with out sadness, we would not know happiness. With out pain we would not know pleasure. And with out feeling broken, we could not feel whole. See, duality is the fabric of the human experience. Life & Death. Dark & Light.
We are all.
Today I want to introduce you guys to my practice for healing. I have gotten pretty good at sitting with my pain, and allowing it to transform. I am excited to share a little bit of my own journey & personal experience.

My Emotional Turmoil

So, I am going/moving to Hawaii (Maui to be exact) in April with one of my closest friends. I am so ready for this move. My Sagittarius Heart craves adventure and change, and my Pisces Soul craves the water. As excited as I am for this move, there has been huge challenges to face, insecurities to work through, and decisions to make. My boyfriend is not coming, he has a good job in the field he wants to pursue- and it is not the right time for him to move. Deciding to go with out him was tough. I mean, we’ve been together for almost 5 years, he is a huge part of what I love about life. But I know this separation will be good. Although I know we will miss each other like crazy, I have no doubt our relationship will only become stronger because of this. But as the time for me to leave creeps up on me, I can not help but feel emotional about leaving.
Well, I had planned on taking Athena, for those of you who don’t know- Athena is my dog child, with me. But because of circumstance & crazy Hawaii paper work, Athena will not be allowed into Hawaii until sometimes mid to late June. This. Broke. My. Heart. This shattered me, and my world as I know it. Something I have never shared online, and few people really know about me, is that I am a super over protective dog mom… I’m actually kind of a control freak when it comes to Athena. I mean, she’s my baby! Seriously. I always feel like no one can take as good of care as her as I can. No one will be as diligent with her as I am… Its kind of out of hand, how controlling I am over her & her safety. Even though these emotions come from a place of love, they also come from a place of fear. My love for her is OVER TOOK by my FEAR that something bad could happen to her. Fear of being away from her, not being able to insure her safety. And fear of leaving my home town, my family, my love, and my dog. The fear of change. So, I have now come to the realization that these few months of separation will probably do me some good, too. She will be staying with Michael (my boyfriend) who takes perfect care of her, and loves her just as much as I do.
I have also had some private family things come up, so between all of this- my emotional state was honestly a depression. I am feeling sooo much better now, after taking the time to sit with my wounds, and look my insecurities in the eye.
I want to share the tools I used to get through this time.
What is most important to note is that I did not run from these emotions, instead I sat with them & let myself feel deeply.

Emotional Healing Ritual

  1. Tune out of social media, and tune into yourself. When we are hurting, we will often look to others for help & guidance. While this can be a beautiful practice, the Truth we need is inside our own hearts, waiting for us to tap into it. Disconnecting from the outside world, and placing all of your attention into you. When you do this, there is no one to compare yourself to. There are no outside opinions to tell you how you should feel. You are able to really connect, and listen to your intuition & inner guidance. **Physical Action: Delete social media apps, and set up a healing environment for yourself. This can include anything that makes you feel safe, powerful, loving, and open. Examples: candles, incense, sage, crystals, plants, books, yoga mat, journal, paints, tarot/oracle cards, pillows, etc.
  2. Let yourself know you are going to nurture yourself through this time, and that you are ready to listen. Meaning- be easy with yourself through this process. Create a mood that is loving, free of judgment & anger. You might have to scream for a few minutes before you are ready to do this, or maybe go for a walk outside. Something that lets the stagnate energy that is no longer serving us, release. Then: Lay down, put one hand on your heart, one hand on your belly- and say “I am ready to listen, I am ready to feel, I am ready to heal.” See what comes up for you. Love yourself through the healing. Put all of your attention on holding space for yourself.
  3. Journal what comes up for you. The beautiful thing about this practice, is it lets you process what you are feeling. Journaling your emotions allows you to get thoughts & feelings out of your head, and you are able to look at them in a different light. Just writing about your emotions helps you process them… & the beautiful things about emotions (energy in motion) is that they are ever changing. If you are feeling mad, jealous, insecure- that feeling will pass. Just because you write something down you are feeling in a particular moment, doesn’t mean it is True forever. Be unapologetic in your journaling. Be vulnerable, raw, & real. Feel, give life to that emotion, and watch it fade.
  4. Crying is a huge release for me. Crying every time I feel the urge to. This is one of the main ways my body processes energy physically. When I am feeling something emotionally, I always have a physical reaction. Sometimes I feel it in my back, neck & shoulders.. And sometimes I just feel it in my heart, and crying helps me release these emotions. If crying is not how you release energy the best, figure out another way you do. Maybe for you screaming helps you release emotions. There is no wrong or right way to do it- as long as it is furthering you in your healing process, it is perfect for you.
  5. Getting intouch with/honoring Feminine Energy. Honoring the feminine energy is in no way devaluating the masculine energy, and visa-versa. The Feminine Energy is soft, gentle, easy, accepting, nurturing, healing, loving, etc. This energy is crucial, it is vital. I love to picture a mother, a goddess like figure, powerful yet gentle- as an energy I can tap into. Its so important to embrace this energy, especially when we are healing. This energy asks us to take our time, to truly feel and process. The Feminine Energy honors our rhythms. She knows we are constantly cycling, and evolving. She knows we cannot rush healing. She also knows how valid each & everyone of our emotions are. That what we are going through is ok, and that we have the power to heal ourselves, completely with in our hearts.

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  1. Yes, it’s so important for us to disconnect to really connect 🙂
    I love a good cry – I make a date with myself once every month or two, grab a moving film & bawl loll Gets all the crap out 😉 xo

    1. <3 thank you so much!! I’m so glad you liked this post 🙂

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