Find Your Shine Community Gathering

 Find Your Shine: Community Gathering

I am so excited for this new offering. My Self Love Course has changed everything about the way I feel about my Life Path. I love to teach. I love to share. And I love to create space for healing.

The Find Your Shine Community Gathering is a safe space for us to heal. For us to be vulnerable, hold space for each other, and delve deep into our hearts and souls.
Transformation is the goal of these sessions. I want you to shed your layers, and find your Truth. With in each of these classes, we will explore a different topic. These topics are meant to lead you away from your limiting beliefs, and into a space of Growth. With in each of these classes, you will connect with like minded sisters, who will empower you and help you learn to validate yourself on this Journey.

I am honored to present, The Find Your Shine Community Gathering.
The First class is going to be over the topic of Self Love.

Self Love, Body Positivity, and Recovery.

The topic of this first class is one many of us have come into contact with. We are going to delve into the world of Self Love, and make a plan to get us on a more loving path. We are going to find our limiting thought patterns, and work on releasing them.
We will begin the class with an exercise to help us tune in, before we dive into the heart of the conversation. There will be a series of questions we will discuss (some will be ones you got in the Welcome email), and you will be able to share openly about how you are feeling. The topics we touch on are meant to give you a new understanding of yourself. Being able to hold space for so many people, teaches us how to hold space for ourselves. Showing so much love and compassion for others, teaches us how to hold that level of love for ourselves.

There is going to be held- one on Saturday the 17th at 12pm central. The option to sign up will be below! Make sure you select the correct date. There are only 10 spots open so make sure to sign up soon if you are going to join! 🙂

What You Will Receive

  • Community. There will be 11 of us total, supporting each other & holding space for raw & vulnerable healing.
  • Information on self care. Tools to change your self care habits into a daily practice that is maintainable.
  • Tools to Heal Yourself. We will be talking about self healing, taking back power, and creating the optimal healing environment for yourself.
  • Changing the way you look at your body. Shifting our perspective & outlook on our body. We will talk about the importance of a healthy body image, and how we can achieve it.
  • Making Self Love easy. Diving into the world of Self Love- what it truly means to love yourself, how we can find Self Love, utilize the power of Self Love, and create a better life for ourselves through it.
  • Advice on Fully Recovery. We are going to discuss what full recovery is & how to achieve it. What it means to be free from restriction, and living a Self Love based life.
  • 1 on 1 coaching. You will also receive a little bit of one on one coaching from me during this class!You will also get a recording of the session you can go back and watch anytime. 🙂

If you are ready to delve into your healing, to embrace sisterhood & community, I hope you decide to join this class! It is going to be so fun- & I look forward to having you.





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