Self Love Course March 2018

Hello Beautiful people,
I am so happy to announce the 2nd Self Love Course!! I am going to have some of the beautiful testimonials I received after the first course, at the bottom of this post- so make sure to check them out. 🙂

So, this course is going to be 4 weeks long. We will hold a 1-2 hour (depending on the discussion, the class will be longer or shorter) class the first 4 Saturdays for the month of March; that is the 3rd, 10th, 17th, and 24th. The classes will be held at 12pm central-time.
Each class will have a different topic, as we work on different aspects of self love. By the end of this course, you will be more confident and empowered with in yourself. You will be ready to embrace this new year with love and acceptance for who you are. It is my goal to make sure you walk away from this course with a new level of understanding and compassion for yourself. I want you to look at yourself in a different light, and see your unique beauty and gifts above all else. I want you to go out into the world shining your light, with a sense of knowing that you are at home with in yourself.

In this course we will cover:
-recognizing & changing our patterns
-accepting who we are/what we feel
-honoring ourselves with love
-validating ourselves and our needs
-deserving to be happy
-the divine feminine & what that means in self love
-owning who we are
-feeling our best
-honing in on our power
-feeling sexy
-creating, manifesting, and nurturing
You will also receive some 1 on 1 coaching from me during each class, as well as an oracle card reading at the end of the class.

After each session you will get a follow up email that has:
– an overview of the class
– the Self Love Assignments (I will give them during the session) to carry out through the week
-a link to view a recording of the session (if you want to, or if you couldn’t make it to that class.)

One reason I am really excited for this course, is that it is going to bring together a beautiful sister hood community that we will be able to start this new year with. A soul group. Everyone who joins this course will be brought together for a divine reason.. It is going to be pure magic.
If you have any questions, please fill out this form & send me an email! If you are ready to sign up, the payment option is below as well. After you sign up- I will email you back with more info & the best way for us to stay in contact.
I hope you decide to join us on this month of self love & self discovery.



Participating in autumn’s self love course grounds you in an instant sisterhood. the beauty of the women coming together for themselves and to cheer on one another is simply put, magic. autumn is radiant as a leader, knowing how to maintain the structure of the group calls guiding us seamlessly through each new ah-ha moment, while also knowing when to let the group dynamic flow on its own accord. the love that was cultivated here was like something forgotten yet familiar. a dose of that healing medicine you have been longing for! would highly recommend to all. -Hallina

Hi! My name is Holly. I struggled with bulimia for about 2 years and struggled with binge-eating disorder for probably about 3-4 years. Not too long ago, I discovered Autumn Brianne on YouTube! At that point in time, I had recovered the physical aspect of my eating disorder on my own and have now actually been completely purge-free for almost a year! Although I had recovered the physical aspect of my eating disorder, I found it extremely difficult to make progress with the mental part of my disorder. I found myself stagnant. I struggled with negative thoughts, loving myself, and with feeling that I deserved to be loved. I felt drawn to sign up for Autumn’s Self-Love course because I was sick of hating myself and I truly wanted to find self-acceptance. Now, I’m so happy that I did. I can confidently say that this course has changed my life. My recovery is still a journey that I’m working on, and although I still have bad days sometimes, I feel like I’ve made huge progress. Now, I realize that I do deserve to feel love, and I especially deserve to feel love for myself. I learned how to assess my negative thought patterns and redirect them onto a positive path, which has probably helped me the most. I was so trapped in negativity, self-doubt, and self-hatred after coming out of my eating disorder, but now I feel more in love with myself than I have ever been in my life. On top of that, I feel so much love and connection for the girls who were in the group with me, too! I miss them all so much! I feel like we’re all truly soul sisters after having gone through the whole course together, and I know in my heart that I have gained a group of friends who are truly beautiful. If you have ever experienced self-doubt, if you’ve ever experienced trauma, or if you’ve ever had an eating disorder, I strongly encourage you to join one of Autumn’s Self Love Courses. I am so, so grateful that I did, and I would love to know that other people were able to get help in loving themselves, too.  -Holly


Before signing up for Autumn’s self love course I was caught in a zone between submitting to either my eating disorder (ED) or recovery. I was at total war with myself, trying sometimes to get out of my self abusive patterns but mostly engaging in them. I was miserable, had been suffering from an ED since early childhood, and traditional therapy wasn’t working. Immediately, Autumn’s class started changing the way I thought and treated myself. Autumn provided us with information and concrete advice and activities that would help foster self care. She also created a space completely free from judgment where I felt comfortable to be honest and raw about my struggles. The other women attracted to the class were also absolutely amazing: they were also honest and offered up their life experiences and lessons learned with genuineness. I will forever treasure the support and advice Autumn and the other girls gave me. By the end of the course, I knew that I was ready to start seriously recovering from my ED. Although I understood that it would take a while to fully recover and that the process would be winding and non-linear, I felt a serious spiritual change occur in me. Finally, I know that I’m beginning to move on with my life and love myself unconditionally along the way. Finally, I feel peace. Autumn’s Self Love Course was absolutely the force that pushed me into true recovery and I will be forever thankful that I enrolled. – Katherine




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