Emotions For The Soul

I am not always completely confident in who I am and what I am doing. I think that simple truth is just apart of the ebb & flow of life. Sometimes we are centered in our truth, and sometimes we fall into our “ego traps,” which is what I refer to that little voice that disrupts our internal piece. My practice is to be an observer of this voice, allowing it to come in & then flow out- just noticing these patterns.. But sometimes, I get a little stuck. I feel down on myself, or out of alignment. One thing that always helps when I’m feeling this way, is accepting the emotion, allowing it to be there, validating the way I feel, and just sitting with myself.
Emotions are going to arise. Where ever we are at on our journey, is perfectly perfect. We do not need to be anywhere else, doing anything else. We are exactly where we are meant to be. When we surrender to the emotion we are feeling in a given moment, we are able to process, and then release this emotion. Once we have felt something, and let it go- we can move on. We can look at the situation that has passed, note what triggered us, find the deep rooted issue- and evolve from there…. When we beat ourselves up for feeling bad, when we tell ourselves negative or abusive things, we prolong the process. We hinder our evolution, we are hurting ourselves further.
EMOTION is energy is motion. When we are feeling upset- it is for a reason. The emotion is just the signal you are giving yourself that something is off. Most of the time there is a deeper issue we push down, not wanting to feel, to wanting to look at- and this becomes a trigger point.
My offering to you, is to sit with yourself more. To allow yourself to feel when you are feeling. Emotions change all the time. In this human experience we can feel happy, sad, annoyed, pleased, loved, and mad all in the same day. Its not that serious! These emotions are just signals. I’m not going to pretended its always easy to feel & release, because sometimes things really really hurt. And that is ok. That’s why I recommend feeling fully before you try to release, or look at. After you have felt it all, accepted the emotions, released the emotion, you will be able to go back and look at that emotion, to look at that situation & see what happened internally.
I am a firm believer in the law of attraction, and using emotions as a guidance system. Life is suppose to be fun. What feels good to you? Do you feel better when you talk kindly to yourself, or negatively to yourself? Do you feel better when you are being playful or being serious? Do you feel better when you are connected or disconnected? When do you feel best? The most you?
Emotions are a tool. And a beautiful part of this human experience.. Our practice as a collective should be to stop shaming our emotions, and instead- embrace them. Allow them to be beautifully.
You are not wrong, you are evolving.
Choose to send yourself love no matter what is happening, no matter what you are experiencing. Not because it will fix everything- but because it will help you stay connected.
Namaste & Blessed Be.

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