March Tarot Reading Horoscope

Aries : March 21-April 19

The three cards that came up for you are; Ace of Wands- a card of inspiration & growth, Two of Wands- a card of focus & ideas, and Father of Swords- a card of honesty. This spread is asking you to be true to who you are.
There is a lot of expansive energy heading your way this month. You are probably feeling excited and ready for change! This is a beautiful time to begin new projects, and starting that thing you have been wanting to do for a while. The only thing holding you back right now, is yourself! This spread really wants you to evaluate how you speak to yourself. Are you a friend to yourself, or an enemy? Aries as such fiery & driven energy, which is amazing when it is focused on tasks & goals- but harmful when it is focused on nit-picking yourself. Take time to become aware of your thought patterns this month. Be an observer, and a kind corrector. Remind yourself that you need to pour your energy into creating & bringing your goals into fruition. You accomplish so much more when you are a friend to yourself!

Taurus: April 20- May 20

The three cards that came up for you are; Four of Wands- a card of completion, Death- a card of endings & closure, and Ace of Cups- a card of new beginnings. This spread asks you to let go of whatever is holding you back so you can start a new.
The moto of this month for you is “transformation.” As one chapter closes, and another one begins. The end is not the end, but an opportunity for something new and different. Don’t morn the past, but celebrate what is has brought you. You have learned, you have grown, and you have evolved. Celebrate that! There is so much beauty in completion, and so much to be proud of.  As you let go of the past, an identity, or anything that no longer serves you- you are preparing yourself for more aligned things. You are letting the universe know that you are ready for more. When death comes up in a spread- it is letting you know that it is time to move on. There is something more waiting for you, trust that you are taken care of. Spend some time taping into your intuition this month, and follow that voice. Allow yourself to be abundant in new ways, receiving new things, and be happier than you thought was possible.

Gemini: May 21- June 20

The three cards that came up for you are; Ten of Swords- a card of drama & ruin, Seven of Pentacles- a card of contemplation, and, Six of Wands- a card of victory. This spread asks you to tell a new story & focus on different things.
It can be easy to get stuck in certain patterns, telling ourselves the same stories that cause us to be miserable.. and sometimes play the victim role. Sometimes, we have to become the observer, looking into our own lives as an outside party- choosing to make conscious change. This spread is asking you to do that this month. Look at your life, in what ways are you allowing yourself to be a victim? Is there drama in your life that is holding you back, or keeping you down? How can you let it go? Spend some time thinking about you, and taking care of yourself on a deep level. In what ways can you improve your current emotional state? Get involved in things that make you happy, get creative, and allow yourself to enjoy the experience of life. You will soar when you feel taken care of- not by an outsider, but by yourself.

Cancer: June 21- July 22

The three cards that came up for you are; Six of Swords- a card of hope, The Sun- a card of vitality, and Father of Cups- a cards of being open minded. This spread asks you to embody who you have become.
Hard times have passed, as you are entering a new season of your life. One full of vibrant and nurturing energy. You are being called to let go of your insecurities, and embrace the new found energy you have attracted. Step into your power, your light, your warmth.. and allow yourself to shine! There is an endless amount of opportunity ahead of you, all you have to do is believe in who you are. Spend time in nature, soaking up the sun- and become inspired! Be grateful for the experience you have had, and more beautiful ones will come. Stay open minded & explore topics that have peaked your interest. You may be inclined to look into different spiritual modalities, and it is a great time to do that!

Leo: July 23- August 22

The three cards that came up for you are; Father of Swords- a card of honesty, Six of Wands- a card of victory, and Mother of Pentacles- a card of loving energy. This spread asks you to approve of who you are.
Be proud of yourself, Leo. You are an incredible person, with amazing things to offer this world- there is no doubt. You are being asked to be easier on yourself, to treat yourself softly, with compassion. Your need to support and take care of others is a beautiful quality, celebrate that about yourself. When you feel upset with yourself, you need to take a moment to look into that, and be honest with yourself. Are you judging yourself harshly? Are you using constructive criticism, or are you being unruly? Channel the energy of the majestic mother of pentacles; loving, nurturing, and supportive. Not just with your loved ones and your family, but with yourself.

Virgo: August 23- September 22

The three cards that came up for you are; Eight of Wands- a card of change, Eight of Swords- a card of feeling powerless, and Ace of Pentacles- a card of new bountiful beginnings. This spread asks you to trust.
You are taken care of, Virgo. The message for you this month is to follow your intuition, because it is guiding you. Do not be afraid to take risks, it is apart of your path. You will find prosperity in your ability to trust that you are completely taken care of. Make that change, go through with that move.. You are ready to start anew! You may feel scared, or trapped where you stand.. but fear is just a temporary emotion. Only through action are we able to really transcend and step into our power. When the Ace of Pentacles comes up for us, we know that our path is being presented. The opportunities coming your way are meant to be explored. Stay grounded, spend time in nature, and allow your Truth to surface.

Libra: September 23- October 22

The three cards that came up for you are; Five of Pentacles- a card of sadness, The Moon- a card of dreams and fears, and Four of Swords- a card of mental stillness. This card asks you to get in touch with yourself.
Disconnection from our self is one of the worst methods of abuse we can endure. Abandoning our soul, our truths, because we forget to listen to who we are and what we need. If you are feeling bad; mentally, physically, or emotionally, it is a symptom of a deeper rooted issue. This month you are being asked to get back in touch with yourself. Listen to yourself more, check in with yourself through out the day, and serve as a friend to yourself. Meditate, do breathing exercises, get in nature, and just sit. Be still with yourself. What is out of place in your life? How can you fix it? What do you need? These are all questions to ask yourself. If you are feeling over ran with anxiety or doubt, take it as a sign that you need to do some self healing work. Listen to your intuition when you are in moments of stillness. You know what you need- it is just a matter of listening.

Scorpio: October 23- November  21

The three cards that came up for you are; Six of Pentacles- a card of growth, Wheel of Fortune- a card of destiny and higher purpose, and Four of Wands- a card of completion. This spread asks you to show up for yourself.
Trust the process, life is beautiful! Through all the curve balls, the hard times and the good- you are completely carried. You may feel like a chapter in your life is coming to a close, as you embark a new journey- one aligned with your soul. You are growing and blooming the season! Go with the flow and trust that you are being divinely guided. Listen to your intuition, and follow the signs it gives you. You are being called upon the path you are meant to take- be ready for the surprises it might bring.. but above all, have fun and enjoy these experiences.

Sagittarius: November 22- December 21

The three cards that came up for you are; The Fool- a card of excitement, The Tower- a card of unexpected change, and Son of Wands- a card of adventure. This spread asks you to be brave.
The energy moving through you this month is one of excitement, and possibly overwhelming. Meditation and breathing exercises are going to be crucial for you, to help you stay centered and grounded. Make sure you are getting out side, and keeping yourself in a good place mentally. It is clear change is on the horizon, it is time for something new. You know it, you crave it, and it is coming for you. Embrace the newness with open arms, and prepare yourself for an adventure. Not everyone will understand your path, and they do not need to. This is a journey only you can live, so follow your intuition. If you feel called to something, it is for you.

Capricorn: December 22- January 19

The three cards that came up for you are; The Tower- a card of unexpected change, Son of Cups- a card of artistic and intense energy, and The Chariot- a card of strong will. This spread asks you to be True to yourself.
What is your intuition telling you? What is it time to move on from? There are things you need to leave behind, in order to embrace the aspects of you that you are ready to embody fully. If you have been looking for a sign to walk away, this is it. It is time to let go. Cultivate the energy of the Chariot, strong, steady, and successful. This is already in you, Capricorn, but now it is time to fully embrace it. Allow yourself to shine in ways you have been craving. Be an example of trueness, honesty and insight. All you need to focus on is staying true to yourself, and everything will work out just as it is divinely orchestrated to,

Aquarius: January 20- February 18

The three cards that came up for you are; The Magician- a card of power, Ace of Cups- a card of love & beginnings, Temperance- a card of healing & renewing. This spread asks you to make your well being a priority.
You got this! The question is, do you believe that? The energy welcoming you this month is one of speed and stillness. Getting things done, but being balanced in your approach. This is to keep you from burning out, and ensuring your long term success. Only the things that really align with your true self are going to serve you this month, so be picky. Embrace changes, the shedding of layers, and delve into the world of Self. Welcome new friends, new loves, and let this month be one of beginnings. Trust that you can take time to slow down, and still be successful! Abundance is a state of being, if you feel abundant- you are. Trust that that is enough.

Pisces: February 19- March 20

The three cards that came up for you are; Three of Wands- a card of self empowerment, Ace of Swords- a card of mental clarity, and The Hanged Man- a card of letting go. This card asks you to detach.
You are so supported, and so taken care of. There are many wonderful people who love and support you in your life, and that is truly a blessing. This month you are being asked to be more independent in thought, and rely on you own Truth and knowing. You do not need approval of others, because this life is truly yours & yours alone. Focus on getting in touch with your intuition & your voice of Truth.. This will be HUGE for you this month! You hold the answers, you know what is best for you.. now you just need to have faith in that. Do self empowering exercises, and play with the idea of being in charge. See what comes up for you. The more you let go of the need of validation, the more you will find it internally.

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