My Current Favorite Crystals


I love crystals. Ever since the crystal trend began, I felt drawn to them. Something about the beautiful, shiny pieces of Gaia made me tingle with excitement. Now that I am a little more educated on the topic, I understand why these gems were so appealing to me.
Each crystal carries an energy. Like all things made of matter (literally, all things!!) crystals hold an energetic frequency. One crazy, magical, thing about crystals is that each different kind of crystal was formed a different way, in the crust of Gaia, under different pressures & temperatures, resulting in different properties & abilities… Yet they all share the same Mother, the same levels of beauty, and the same ability to draw us in.

Crystals choose us. Rather than looking up the benefits of crystals and shopping based on what we think we need.. if we step into our Intuition, and pick crystals based on what we feel drawn to- the crystal we need will call us in.

With that being said, I want to share with you the crystals I have been working with, and how I have been incorporating them into my practice. Take what resonates, and leave what doesn’t. 🙂

White Calcite.


I have been using this stone like crazy since I purchased it at the most random department store. When I saw it, I knew I could not leave there with out it! White Calcite has many healing properties, but I like to use it with the intention of dropping into my heart space. I sit with this stone before getting on social media, filming a video, or replying to comments. I also lay this crystal on my chest, and breath into my heart space- imagining a white light completely surrounding my being. This stone naturally brings a since of calm, so I like to gaze at it when I’m feeling anxious.

Smokey Quartz.


My smokey quartz is my baby!!! I am such a proud crystal mom for this purchase. She has the most grounding energy. Just holding her I feel myself syncing into Gaia. I bought this smokey after seeing it & feeling like I couldn’t live with out it. It came into my life towards the end of the existential crisis I experienced, that I am now fully out of, and I put some of that credit onto my work with this crystal. I use this crystal to drop into the present moment. When I am feeling anxious or scared, I pick up this crystal and begin imagining a rope connecting me from my root chakra to the center of Gaia. I also do the same visualization before I do any energy work, or play with The Craft! I can always feel this crystal grounding me. I also use it move negative energy out of my body & my space- by placing it on my belly, both hands on my heart & asking her to clear my energy. I always cleanse her with sage or Palo Santo afterwards!



Citrine is my birthstone, and a crystal I often find myself feeling drawn to. This bright, beautiful stone leaves me feeling powerful. I work with this stone for manifesting. When I write a list of intentions, or goals, or things I want to bring into my life- I will grab this stone and hold it in my hand for a few minutes, or leave it on my lap while I write. I turn to this stone to help lift my vibrational frequency, so I can be in alignment with what it is I want to create. I also call upon the energy of this crystal when I am feeling negative, or less “myself.” I try to tap into the vibrancy this stone carries by meditation with it for a few minutes, and imagining the orange light surrounding & cleansing my aura.


Let me know what crystals you have been working with lately!
Lots of Love & Blessed Be,


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