Truth For The Soul

What is your Truth?


The words “speak your Truth” have been a huge theme in many facets of social media.. You can find them every where from the BOPO community, to the self help gurus, the spiritual enlighteners, and even the yogis like this phrase. I like this phrase.
But what does it mean to have a Truth?

This is something I’ve been meditating on lately- Truth.
Many things are True for me. Many things that are True for me in this moment were not True for me in the past. Many things that were True for me in the past, are not True for me in this moment.
A paradox, really. Like  many spiritual modalities, the art of having a Truth is deeply personal. We are all spiritual beings. We are all embodiers of Ego. Both of these things are True, both of these things are  beautiful. Having an ego gives us an incredible since of first person, perception. Perception allows us to identify and Live our Truth. This is why making friends with, and understanding the ego is so important (a topic for a different date.) Realizing that our Truths are all different, because we have all lived through different experiences, met different challenges, carried different stories, etc. gives us permission to be ourselves. It also will feel you with compassion.
This uniqueness is liberating, and it is also extremely valuable.
Think about a time when you read something, or saw something and got that fire in your heart, that “yes yes yes yes yes” feeling. You know what I am talking about… It is the undeniable feeling of Truth. It can be even more uplifting when someone is sharing your Truth. (because CONNECTION, the basis of human existence. Something else to dive into on a later date..) It is so powerful to stand in the seat of Truth
That feeling you get when Truth is being spoken, is seriously high vibe. It resonates. It makes you feel good. It is Happy. It is Love.
We are so much more aligned with Source (Goddess, God, Higher Power, whatever you feel inclined to call this AllBeing Life-ness) when we are Living in our Truth… Because we are being Ourselves. You cannot live fully in your Truth and be conditional. Truth has no conditions, it is just real.
I think identifying your Truths are important, because it gives you a sense of individual power. Not malicious power, but Solar Plex Power. The kind of Power that gives you a Will to live through this human life. A purpose, one might say.

I want you to sit with yourself. Create a sacred space- take some deep breaths, get into your body, one hand on your heart, and ask yourself some questions:
“who am I?”
“what is my Truth?”
Just listen. Don’t judge. Just be present with yourself. Give yourself the space to dig a little deeper, to open up the conversation with your Soul. You will be surprised what you will uncover just by being completely open with yourself.

Lots of Love & Blessed be,

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  1. I love this so much Autumn! Thank you ❤️

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