May: Monthly Medicine

Aloha beauties,
I am so sorry I missed my Horoscopes these past few months. To be completely honest, I just did not feel inspired to write them. April I was moving out of my apartment, and May I was moving across the sea. I almost tried to force myself to sit down & pull the cards, but it felt like a chore.. & I really did not want to welcome that into this space.
But today, I decided I did want to leave some kind of offering for you guys- so I decided to do an intuitive reading & energy release for you guys based off of a card I drew.

I decide to use my Arc Angel Deck.. new to my collection- and this is the card that came up for us:
“YOU KNOW WHAT TO DO” – Archangel Uriel
“Trust your inner knowledge, and act upon it with out delay.”
mmmm.. There is so much medicine with in this card! First, I want to explain the energy of Arc Angel Uriel. Uriel comes to us with the answers, he lights the way & shows us where to go.. He helps us along our journey.


This card SCREAMS throat chakra to me.. in fact this card is nice & blue- the same exact color that resonate with our throat chakra!
Trust yourself my love. Trust your path. Trust your heart. Trust your intuition.
There is no more room for second guessing yourself, it is tired. It is draining you.
This card comes to you, to let you know it is time. It is time for you to do what it is you have not been doing. For you to let go of old limiting beliefs, and fully embody your power. It is time to be True. You already have the answers. All there is left for you to do is Trust that you are capable of doing anything, which you absolutely are. (If you are looking for in depth guidance, I offer 1 on 1 coaching & personal readings.) We can only sacrifice ourselves for so long, until we become completely ran dry & empty. Life is here, and it is here for you. Jump on this opportunity to move through Trust. We are all here for you.
Grab a piece of paper & a pen. Title it MAY MEDICINE.
I want you to write down these questions, leaving space to answer them after each one.
Answer these in order. Before you answer- you might want to sit still, close your eyes, take a few deep breaths, call upon Angel Uriel, and ask your Soul for guidance.


If I could do anything at all, regardless of time or money, what would it be?

What am I dying to say, but not because I am scared?

What am I dying to do, but not because I am scared?

What excuses do I let hold me back?

What is my TRUTH?

What do I need to do?
After you have journal-ed through these questions- noticed what has shifted. What do you feel? What answers or guidance did you receive?
Post these on your Instagram feed or story, and tag me so I can see! I am so interested to see how this helps you, and how it plays out in your life this month.
Blessings Sisters.

PS: I am holding an online women circle this month- message me if you are interested in joining. We will be creating space for each other to move through our blocks & TRUST. <3

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  1. Beautiful post, Autumn! The questions are really insightful. Definitely will be thinking about my answers for them, especially the shifts that I find in my mind!

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