Self Love Magick

Aloha beautiful,

I have officially been in Maui for one month. And exactly one month from today, I will be flying back to the main land for another month, before returning to Maui again, with my dog & my partner, with no plan on leaving. Mahalo the Goddess for that.

It has been a crazy month, to say the very least. I made a video talking all about what I am feeling, which you can find on my YouTube channel, or click on THIS LINK.

Today I want to talk about something that I have been playing with a lot, and something I am really loving!
Self Love Magick.

What is the first thing you say to yourself when you wake up in the morning?
This is the question I asked myself before I really dove in. You guys know I am all about self talk. My clients know this is a huge practice we prioritize. I truly believe our words & emotions are little spells we are putting out into the Universe. The story we affirm manifest. This is science, and also spirituality.

So the idea of Self Love Magick truly sparks my interest. A combination of two of my favorite things. This makes self love fun.

Basically, Self Love Magick is bringing sacredness & ritual into our daily lives, in a way to incorporate Self Love as a practice.
Casting consistence spells through out the day, and changing everything about the way we feel with in ourselves. c

I want us to start with how we communicate with ourselves.
You have to play on your own team.

Journal. Every. Day.
Write first thing in the morning. What are you feeling? Let it out. Move through emotions and allow yourself to feel.

To me, affirmations are spells. Spells are affirmations.
Having something to say, over & over again, creates a program in your mind & energetic field that allows you to call something in. Here is an affirmation/spell I like to use for self love, but feel free to create your own!!
I am a loving, beautiful being.
I shine a unique and vibrant light.
My existence is a gift that I cherish.

Every morning, mid day, and night, have a little ritual to celebrate you & this beautiful life. Make a list of things you like to do, and create the time & space to do them. Pull out your Tarot decks, your candles, your favorite crystals- and take time to connect.

*Play & Pleasure*
Something I have to remind myself of often, and something I know our world needs to hear more, is that things are not that serious. We do not have to struggle. We can be happy for no reason. We can create, dance, be slow, relax, take time off, etc. and we do not have to have a reason for it. This life is not serious, it truly is not. Sometimes it can feel that way, I get caught up in it all too. But when I am able to take a step back, and remember how impermanent this human experience truly is, I remember what is and is not important, What does & does not bring me pleasure.

Magick is a state of being, using witch craft is a type of alchemy. Letting go of the illusion & stepping into your power is a choice.
Practice some self love magick today. This is just an introduction. xxx


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