Putting A Word To My Passion

Aloha Goddess,

Something unfolded for me, just a few moments ago- and I am so excited to share.
First of all, thank you. Thank you for being here.
Although I believe we co-created each other, I want to thank you for allowing me to be apart of your sacred space. Because what you allow to enter your consciousness, is sacred. I feel blessed, and so full of love.

As I came to Hawaii, I brought the person I thought Hawaii would make me. As I’ve been in Maui, I have lost sense of that person, completely. I don’t remember who I am. Why I do the things I do, and what it means to be Autumn.
I have been feeling confused about the brand I am creating, the content I share, and the message I truly want to spread. There is so much I have yet to discover, and so many interests that flood into my life- and I want to share them all…

My most recent endeavors have involved witch craft, ritual, sensuality, and Goddess energy. Prior to delving into this craziness, I had been all about Self Love, The Divine Feminine, and self expression.

I have felt the pressure, self induced, to have my shit together. To zone in on the one topic I want to share. My videos have not been getting as many views as they used to, my content does not seem to be as inspired as it once was. I have been feeling lost. How do I want to share with the world?

I started journaling very consistently a few months ago. Almost every single day my pin hits paper & I am inspired to share, and use words as art to express myself. While I was journaling at the beach this afternoon, I had this realization. I put a word to my passion…

I wrote a list of the things that I find myself feeling drawn to:
-self love
-women groups
-Goddess energy
-witch craft
-healing modalities
-intimacy & sharing
-The Divine Feminine
-oracle cards & crystals
-divination/mediumship/spirit guides

And then, I realized what all of these things have in common- and something most of you probably knew…
My passion is: Women Empowerment.


It feels so funny & absolutely lovely to be able to make this connection
I am passionate about anything raises up women.
Anything that sheds light & love & feminine bliss on our world.
There it is.
Off my chest, and into the world.

I am passionate about Women Empowerment.
& the way of empowerment that resonates with me, is a completely unique & special flavor.

With this clarity, I feel inspired to create.
See you soon.



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