June Monthly Medicine

Aloha beautiful people,
Welcome back for another month of Magic! Happy June!

June 21st is the Summer Solstice for all of my Northern hemisphere friends, so I hope you have some celebration planned for this month. 🙂 I plan to blog about the solstice a little closer to the date..

So, I bought a new Oracle Deck this month.. & I am so excited to introduce it to you, threw this months Medicine!! I bought The Divine Feminine Oracle.. (I highly recommend it I am IN LOVE!!) & it was love at first sight. I knew I had to use it to produce the message for us all this month. This deck is full of different Goddesses, and Spiritual Women who are known for their gorgeous Divine Feminine powers. When you choose a card from this deck, you are tapping into an archetype/energy you are being called to work with. I hope you LOVE this as much as I do.. The card I picked for us, is beautiful & I am absolutely not surprised this is what came up- considering the message I spread on my platforms…

The card I drew is:
Lady of The Lotus Born
Embodiment is the deepest bliss. My Body was made for enlightenment.
Soul Voice Meditation: What helps me remember my body is sacred?


I mean, the perfection!!!!

Yeshe was a powerful spiritual women, who basically invited tantra! She married, but not necessarily out of choice, she wanted to be devoted to nothing but her dharma, her art. She carried great spiritual gifts, ones obtained through her acceptance & love for herself, knowing she was one with all things.. She is known to have become a fully enlightened Buddha in the form of a woman. Talk about women empowerment..
When this card comes to us, it gives us the medicine of self acceptance. Honor your body, as a temple. Care for yourself as if you were apart of the Divine… because you ARE!! Yeshe wants you to know how sacred & divine your existence is, it is a miracle you are in this human body, see the perfection with in that. You are not separate from the creator, you are the creator. You are the divine. This body is a way for you to find the divine through this life… but it starts with love for you, and all things. Grow secure in your body. Grow fiercely, humanly, rooted into this shell. In what ways are you rejecting yourself? How can you mend that relationship? Where can you pour more love, more Truth, more rawness, into your life?
Yeshe asks you to fall in love with yourself, your body, your heart, your mind, your soul, and as consequence you will fall in love with the Divine.

This card is so on point with the message I have been singing. The female form is art. It is beauty, it is divine. There is so much love folded into each inch of the female form. When we act out of love for ourselves, instead of anything else… we quickly fall in love with who we are. Accept who we are. We are able to see others with compassion. Hold space for the things that need to be felt. It is a ripple effect, of the Divine dancing in our hearts.

So mote it be.

Blessings & Lots of Love,

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