10 thoughts on “Unlearning & Redefining For The Wild Women

  1. Thanks Autumn!
    Great podcast!!
    I’m so happy I’ve found you😇🙏💕

    1. Aww Nina!! I am so happy you are here!! SO much fun content to come 🙂<3

  2. So excited for what’s to come 🙂 you’re such a beautiful soul and I’m very thankful for finding you

  3. Autumn!! this was amazing and so timely for me!!! I’m 10 months in to ed recovery and im still trying to let go of the gym. My goddess cards keep telling me its ok to let go…and i feel your podcast about unlearning is another sign! xxx

    1. Ahhh I am so happy you are receiving so many beautiful synchronicitys right now <3 listen to these signs babe! I am so happy for you <33

  4. A little late to the party, but thank you Autumn! ❤️ I would love to request something on womb wisdom and your thoughts on that force of feminine energy.
    So much love and gratitude to be on this journey 💕

    1. Jessica- you are here is absolute Divine timing! <3 I would love to talk about this on here- and definitely will soon :D <3 Thank you for the request. I love you <333

  5. this podcast is so wonderful, i am so looking forward to diving deep into archetypes! 🌼 do you have any books to recommend that talk about that? thank you goddess 🙏🏼

    1. Yes! “know your goddess” is an amazing one 🙂
      Also, women who run with wolves is amazing to help you get in that energy 🙂

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