Crystals & Rituals for Anxiety (de-stress & relax!)

One thing I get asked about often is combating anxiety. I have tried quite a bit of things to help me with the anxiety I sometimes experience, and I always find physical acts of ritual seem to help the most (CBD oil helps too). So I am super excited to share this post with my most helpful anxiety healing & preventing advice!! I truly believe anxiety is a rapidly growing side effect of social media and the “grind/work your life away” mentality of our society. Something I am quickly finding to be a huge source of unsustainable pressure in my life. These exercises root me into my body, and bring me back to myself.
I am learning to un-plug more & more, and come back to the root of myself & this human life.
Enjoy these practices, and let me know what you try!!

Crystals for Stress & Anxiety:
***anywhere I use the word “imagine” It means- see, feel, visualize, and KNOW what you are doing is actually happening.

This beautiful stone quickly drops you into your heart space. When you are feeling “out of your body” or not at home with yourself, this crystal is great to bring you to your Heart center. Try lying flat on your back, and placing a rose quartz on your heart. Repeat the affirmation “I am safe in my body. I am at home in myself.” and imagine the anxiety being washed away.

Smokey Quartz is probably my favorite crystal. It hold so much grounding Earthy energy, it is great for anchoring into the present moment. This crystal is perfect for becoming grounded & finding your center. A lot of time anxiety pulls us out of the present moment, and away from our Truth. Smokey helps bring us back into the Now. Go outside, with both feet planted firmly into the ground. Imagine a long line of energy rooting you into the core of the Earth. With your smokey quartz in hand, imagine a healing ball of energy emanating from the stone & forming an orb of protection around you. Repeat the affirmation: “I am anchored in this moment. I am completely taken care of here and now.”

Gorgeous Amethyst is one of the most powerful healing stones. It is also great for intuition, which is why I love it for releasing anxiety.  This stone provides clarity, I like to think of it as a “Truth” stone. Anxiety & stress are not Truth, they do not come from a place of higher consciousness or source.. In fact, those emotions result in the absence of Truth. Place the amethyst crystal on your Eye Chakra right in between your brows. Imagine this crystal activating & opening your Intuition. Ask the crystal to heal your feelings of anxiety and open you up to the Truth of your Intuition. Repeat the affirmation, “I trust my path. I trust my Intuition.”


Besides the rituals listed above for working with the specific crystals, these are some of my absolute favorite rituals for de-stressing & letting go of anxiety/anxious thoughts.
***anywhere I use the word “imagine” It means- see, feel, visualize, and KNOW what you are doing is actually happening.

Take some time to write down everything you are feeling stressed/anxious about. Be as detailed as you can be. Write what you feel, why you feel that way, what triggers these feelings, and anything else you feel is relevant to the anxiety or stress. After you get every little emotion and detail out, bring the paper to a safe and contained area. You can place it in a ceramic cup or bowl, outside on rocks/pavement or anywhere non flammable. Light these emotions on fire. As they burn, imagine the actual worries being burned as well. Imagine them being taken out of you & completely destroyed. Imagine yourself creating space for things that are going to serve you. Good archetypes to call in for assistance would be Pele & Kali. Ask these Goddesses to assist you in destroying the emotions that do not serve you.

Draw a bath for yourself with lots of sea salt and lavender essential oil. Sea salt draws out toxins & cleanses, while lavender soothes & relaxes. You can add any crystals, flowers, or herbs you feel called to put in your bath. Take a few minutes to put a high blessing over your bath water. You may want to call upon the water Spirits, or Goddesses like Yemaya or Kuan Yin. Ask them to assist you in your releasing & purifying process. Ask this bath to cleanse you, nourish you, and help you let go of the anxiety/stress you have been feeling.  As you are bathing in this water, imagine  the anxieties being washed away. Imagine them being pulled out of our body, and completely released. Allow the smell of the lavender to sooth you as you feel yourself shifting and healing. When you are ready to get out of the tub, pull the drain & let all of the water drain, knowing your worries are draining out with them.


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