Living Authentically

Aloha Wild Women!

What does authenticity mean to you?
Here is the dictionary definition of Authentic: of undisputed origin; genuine.

So, if you are doing something authentically- you are doing it completely from a place of Truth with in you..
This means that action was:
– not shifted or affected by another persons opinion
– felt by you
– nurtured by you
– protected by you
– loved by you
– approved by you

What do all of these things have in common? YOU.

The thing about creating, expressing, and fulfilling a desire- is it is super specific to each person. We have all been exposed to different things, been born with different minds & imaginations, and each thing we experience is True to that distinction. We have different ideas and definitions of fun. We all have different ideas and definitions of beauty. Of interesting.
So everything we create will be filtered threw our own, unique, and perfect, perception & TRUTH.

This is where the dilemma comes in. Our society paints this illusive picture of perfection. Popularity & “normalcy” become safe. Free of judgment. It becomes easy.
It is easy to follow the patterns that bring praise, or good fortune. It is easy to stay in the lines, moving in a rhythm that produces results.
It is a more difficult to be brave- to step out side of the lines & follow your blissful passion. To write things how you see them. To drowned your ideas in your own perception, your own unique dance.

One thing that holds so many of us back is the fear of being seen.
For people to look at us, and truly see us for who we are, with all of our uniqueness. All of our raw, unfiltered, untamed, unapologetic, vulnerable, and authentic pieces. We are afraid of judgment, afraid of abuse, afraid of being shamed, and afraid to be witnessed. As women, we can still feel the sting of the fire.. The blaze on our skin from being burned for our Truths.
The thing about holding a Truth, is that it will not always match someone else’s. So often we are different, with a much more specific to ourselves, out look on life. Just as it should be!!!
The practice then becomes, sticking by your Truth, and allowing it to guide you. Knowing that it IS authentic to who you are. And that no matter what anyone else’s Truth is, yours holds true to you. The days of the witch hunts are over. We are now free to express ourselves, with no fear for our lives. For so long women were punished for dancing, for singing, for joining together as sisters.

We have been shamed for our monthly cycle. (I like to call this my “moon”)
We have been shamed for our breasts.
We have been shamed for our hips.
We have been shamed for our voices.
We have been shamed for our emotions.
We have been shamed for being women.

It is ok we have been scared. It is ok we shut down, left our authenticity for safety. We did what we thought was best…

But now it is the time to find our Truths again. To turn to authenticity. To embody it. To live our Truths.
You are safe to, sister. It is not always easy. It is not always comfortable. But it is needed, now more than ever.

Practices to start living more authentically:

  1. Dancing with music blasting everyday for 10+ minutes.
    Move your body in ways that feel natural, just move it to the rhythm of your favorite music & let your soul shine through the movements. Begin to Trust the way your body moves, and allow yourself to be free. Do not worry about “form” or the “correct” way to dance. Allow your body to show you YOUR way of dancing. This will begin to open you up to receiving & acting out the messages you get from yourself.
  2. Use your Voice.
    Begin to be very firm in your desires. Say “Yes” & “No” instead of “maybe” or “you decide.” Begin taking your power back, one decision at a time. When you enjoy something, make it known. When you do not, verbalize that as well!! You have the power. You are the Creatrix! Speak up for what you want, feel, and believe. Write a blog post or an Instagram caption about something you believe in. Go outside & YELL at the top of your lungs!! Get in touch with you voice 🙂
  3. Embrace your emotions.
    Whatever you are feeling, is real. Our emotions are not always comfortable, but they are always happening for a reason. When you are sad, allow yourself to be sad & know it will pass! You can go back & look at the root of the emotion later. Our emotions are never the problem, it is the triggers & sores that get touched that unleash them. When we embrace our emotions, we allow them to pass quicker. This week when you get: sad, mad, or annoyed, allow yourself to feel them- and then journal about the experience afterward. You will be amazed by what you can uncover! Giving yourself permission to feel changed everything- because I promise you will feel either way.. this just makes it easier.

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