New Moon Ritual & Mermaid Moon Cycle

Aloha Beautiful ladies,
I am so sorry but I will not be able to do a live Ritual this time (we will do one soon!) but I wanted to share a simple ritual you can do on your own for This New Moon in Gemini (june 13th)!! šŸ™‚
This new moon is calling in a very specific energy- it is asking you to get clear on what you want! If you are feeling confused about life right now, that makes scene, because this energy is very scarpered. But this is all perfect, because the New Moon is always a good time to plant seeds for the new cycle! To put in order the things you want to call into your life, and take the time between the new moon and the full moon (the waxing moon period) to really work on manifesting these desires!

Before we hop into the ritual, here is the moon cycle mermaid spread:


The New Moon Card (represents the theme of this cycle): The Return of Aphrodite- this card is all about diving into the Divine Feminine, all things sensuality, and prioritizing your Pleasure! Make your sexy Aphrodite, Goddess energy a priority this cycle.
Waxing Moon (how the results will come about): Endurance- wow! You are already on the journey of tapping into your inner Venus (Aphrodite)! Enhances the practices you are already doing, allow yourself to be playful & fun, doing more of the nurturing things you are already doing. This asks you to not give up on the process, to Trust & believe in yourself.
Full Moon (what will come about/be empowered) HOMELAND- This card comes when we are ending one chapter, really closing the pages- and writing our new story. The story of the SOUL!! When this card appears we know we are on our Souls path, the path we are meant to be on. In the position of the full moon, this card beckons us to Trust where we are being guided, and the synchronicitys & signs that are being presented. They are leading you Home.
Waning Moon (what energy will be leaving): Adrift- this card is about letting go & allowing the Divine to take control for a while.. but in this position, the card asks you to step up & take control. It will be a time for you to delve into yourself, and Trust yourself to take action. You have been (and still are) divinely guided, but the Universe is beckoning you to meet Her half way. You know what to do!
Dark Moon (what is hidden, needing to be come out this cycle): Yearning- this card is about undesired separation & pining. It can be about a lover, or a situation, or even an aspect of Self you are missing. When a card comes up in the dark moon part of the cycle, it is asking us to look at our shadow.. the parts we dont often like to see. What are you missing in your life right now? What are the things you are not wanting to let go of, out of fear? Examine this, journal about it, and spend time working on it.


Working with our new moon ritual, we are going to theme it around the Aphrodite energy we are focusing on cultivating.
What you will need:
– a pen & paper
– an alter space
– a crystal
– your favorite music to dance & express your femininity too (I recommend “The Divine Feminine by Mac Miller”)

To begin this ritual, play your music & dance for at least 10 minutes. Allow yourself to move, express yourself in ways that feel sensual.. like you are flowing & invoking your inner Goddess. Dance with the intention of tapping into the Divine Feminine with in, asking her to come out & assist you in today’s ritual.

Take a minute to ground after you have danced. Sitting or laying on the earth, breathing in Gaia’s beautiful, healing, grounding energy.. Allow yourself to focus on your breath, and the energy exchange you are practicing. Imagine white light cleansing you, and dissipating any energies that no longer serve you. Call in your Spirit guides & angels to assist you in this ritual. Call onto Aphrodite to aid you in your blossoming & connection to your inner Goddess

After you have grounded, grab your pin & your journal.
Make a list of:
the energy you want to call into your life
the way you want to feel this cycle
things you want to manifest

You can elaborate on why you want these things, how they will play into your life, and ways you can begin to start feeling those feelings.

Write out your top 5 intentions for this month, things you want to do/goals you have for yourself. Maybe meditation, yoga, being kinder to yourself, more self care, drinking more water, etc.

After you have journaled a little bit about the things you want to call in- make a little affirmation or few-word-sum-up of the overall intention you have for this month. It could be something like “I am my most confident self” or “I accept myself for who I am,” but we want it to be positive, uplifting, and capturing the essence of what you want to bring into your life this month.

Next, take your crystal (or flower, or any small token)- we are going to program it with your affirmation, so you can look to it to remember your intentions for this month! Hold the crystal in both hands, saying the affirmation & imagine infusing the crystal with the energy you are wanting to create this month.

Carry this crystal with you through out the cycle, to keep you on track with what it is you are calling in.

Enjoy this cycle & keep me updated on how it goes for you!!



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