Summer Solstice Ritual

June 21st is the Summer Solstice.
The Summer Solstice marks the longest day of the year, with the sun lighting up our Northern Hemisphere sky longer than any other day in the calendar year. The energy of the solstice can be accessed & celebrated for many days, usually any time between June 19-June 24th. This manifestation ritual can be done anytime between now & the 27th (the 27th is the new moon, and the new moon energy embodies releasing, fullness, & letting go- while this ritual is for gaining, creating, and calling in.)

The Summer Solstice (TSS) is an astrological event, but it is also a very Spiritual event. With intense energy opening up a vortex of possibility and excitement. In Wicca & Pagan Traditions, The Summer Solstice (or Litha) is a time of ripe, fertile energy- a time to praise & connect with the Goddess, and the Sun God. It is a time of celebration & indulging in the ripeness of the season.

My personal interpretation & what really resonates with me is connecting with the fertile-ness of TSS Energy & using it as an opportunity to tap into my Goddess Energy, and to Craft spells for manifestation. To really get pin pointed on what it is I want to create, to plant the seeds, and allow the magick to unfold.
The Ritual I am sharing is going to do just that, completely capture the abundance that is natural to this time of year.

To celebrate this change of the seasons is magick & special. It takes truly honoring & appreciate the seasons of life, the ups-n-downs & being comfortable asking & receiving. This time of the year is ripe & pungent & full of possibility. I keep using the word “ripe” because I am trying to portray how very luscious & delicious this time of the year is.
Everything is in full bloom. The days & nights are warm. The Earth is covered in beautiful luscious Greens & life is happening. Things grow easily. There is no forcing or slowing, everything is flowing at its natural, beautiful, harmonious, rhythm. There is tons of co-creation happening. Between Sun & Earth, as well as Seed & water. Forces are joining to create.
If you are celebrating this luscious season, it is important to get in nature. Notice & appreciate all of the life that is thriving during this time. Notice the various colors of greens, the heat from the sun, the blues of the sky, the beauty & enrichment of the flowers. Take it in. Talk to the sky, the trees, the animals. Feel the connection between your Life & theirs. See what wisdom they hold, what stories they want to share, and just notice how you feel being in their presence.
-Make a bouquet of fresh summer flowers, or a flower crown, or just put some flowers in your braid.
– Bake edible flowers you pick in local parks or your own neighborhood into little cookies or some fruity summer bread
-Write a poem about the abundance you witness in nature, or simply bring your journal to document anything that catches your attention.
-Collect some fresh summer fruit, or any produce from your local farmers market or fields and make a fruit salad or some kind of summer dish (roasted corn and fresh watermelon is my favorite)
-Get together with friends to co-create something, whether it be cooking or writing, or filming, or a photo shoot. Sun bathe or hop into some fresh water. Enjoy nature together.
-Spend time with your loved ones, invite them over for a summer meal & share stories.
-Have a bonfire & dance & sing & make potions. Allow yourself to be free & full of life force energy.
-Watch your favorite, nostalgic, movies while eating summer snacks. Have a slip’n’slide or run in the sprinklers. Tap into your child like energy.


What you need:
– pen, paper & colors
– a crystal (if you are wanting to manifest abundance I recommend: Citrine, pyrite, or green jade. if you want love i recommend rose quartz)
– your most fiery, summery, outfit (just wear something that makes you feel sexy & abundant!)
– a bonfire or just a candle with a flame
– a Goddess/archetype to call upon (ie: Lakshmi or Gaia)
– your book of shadows (if you have it) to document this manifestation ritual
First-we need to create/enter a scared space. If you are going to do this ritual around a bonfire, or a little fire in a pit, use some sage to smudge your space & call in the feelings you want to create. If you are just using a candle do the same, finding a comfy & private place to hold your ritual (preferably outside). Either way, smudge your space, set your intentions, visualize a protective bubble surrounding you, take some time to ground by exchanging energy with Gaia, washing yourself with pure white light (visualizing this happening) and begin zoning in on this manifestation process. Call in the Goddess energy you want to work with, and start to become hyper-aware of the energy you hold.

I want you to get really clear on what it is that you want to create. Embody the Creatrix. What are you really wanting to see come into fruition in your life right now? What does this thing look like? Feel like? Why do you want it? How will it serve you? How will it serve others? What will you gain: mentally, spiritually, emotionally by having it?
Get clear on not only what you want, but why you want it. How is this manifestation going to serve? What feeling are you trying to access through having this desire manifested?

When you become clear on the feeling/feelings you are wanting to manifest (preferably 3 distinct emotions) write them down on the top of your paper.
Take some time to color around these emotions, pictures or just abstract. Whatever comes up.

We are going to Create a little spell for what it is you want to call in.
You can create spells in any way that feels right for YOU. I like to use a little formula:
Invocation – calling in the energy you want to work with (Goddess, Gaia, Spirit, etc.)
What I want to call in (the thing you want to receive)
What I will gain (how will it make you feel?)
How it will help me (what you will take from this manifestation)
How it will serve all beings (how it will actually aid the greater good of all beings)
Thanks & Gratitude (showing appreciation for what your calling in & all assisting) 

When you are writing a spell, you want your language to be positive, in abundance & expecting. Not coming from a place of lack or resistance. I like to rhyme my spells in couplets to make it fun & easy to sing, but there are absolutely no rules- you do not even have to follow my formula.
Here is my example.
I want to call in abundance. Financial freedom, fun & ease. When I boil it down, the three emotions I am wanting to Create are:
freedom, Trust, flowing-ease.

My Spell:
I call upon the Power of Lakshmi and Gaia 
Be my effortless guid-a
As I plant these seeds
Allow them to manifest in all my deeds 
I invoke Trust and Ease 
So I can do as I please 
For the good of all beings 
I cultivate playful feelings 
As I come into my worth 
I fall into Mother Earth
With Trust and Knowing 
I nurture the seeds I am growing
Accepting Financial Freedom with love
I am able to give abundantly from above
This offering of abundance is here for me 
I thank the Goddess for her willingness to agree
Bestowing all that I need effortlessly on time
Making life easy, fun, and abundantly sublime

After you have your spell (feel free to use mine, although I think writing your own is more powerful) we will say it 3 times, 3 times (9 total) while staring into the fire. If you want to dance around before, do it. Whatever feels fresh, fun & important in the moment is right for you. Grab your crystal, and on the 1st time you say your spell, program the crystal with the spell & the thing you want to manifest. After you say your spell all 3×3, write it down into to your Book of Shadows, or just rewrite it on a separate piece of paper.

After you have a copy of your spell, rip up the original spell & throw it in the fire. The WHOLE time you are doing this, until every last piece of the paper is burned to ash, repeat “just like the Phoenix my ‘manifestation’ will rise from the ashes and I will receive my desires” replace ‘manifestation’ with what it is you want to create.

When you feel like your ritual is complete, put out you fire, disconnect by grounding into Gaia again, cleansing yourself with beautiful white light, and know what you called upon today will manifest!!

Enjoy & have a beautiful Summer Solstice.

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