Lilith: The Story of The First Woman on Earth

Lilith is a Goddess archetype that has been demonized by men through out history. This version of the story shows the beauty & wisdom of the Divine Feminine within the first Woman on Earth.

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  1. […] Your card is: LILITH “The First Woman” I am the voice of my body and soul. I choose the life that I deserve to live. This card asks you to look at your desires, and to make them a priority. Are you settling anywhere in your life? If you are, Lilith energy asks you to demand better. When this card comes to you, you are being called to be big. No more playing small- go for what you want un-apologetically. Take some time this month to evaluate every aspect of your life, where are you holding yourself back? Map out your dream life, your dream job, how you really want to spend your time. Allow yourself to embody these energies fully. Meditate, visualize, and journal about these things. Explore your true self, and the things (material, or spiritual) that will bring you true pleasure.. Devote July to this journey. (PS: I have a podcast episode with the story of Lilith! You can find it HERE.) […]

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