Sensual Self Care Ritual

Sensual Self Care is all about taking care of yourself, on a sensual level.
What does sensual mean? Well, from doing research & playing with this word for quite a while now, this is how I define sensual:
Sensual- Invoking pleasure, passion, self love, nourishment, creativity, and desire by being connecting with you senses and feelings.
It is all about creating pleasure through the senses. Something as women, we are inherently connected to. We are naturally beings of sensuality & expression. Creating feeling in our body & expressing these feelings in fun, flirty ways. It is a way we experience spirituality- while masculine spirituality is typically more discipline focused.. Feminine spirituality is based on physical sensation & ascending through the emotional consciousness.
It is important to take care of yourself on a Sensual level, for many reasons. The top 3, in my opinion, are:

1. As a from of Self Love. Sensual Self Care brings a new level of Trust & care into your Self relationship. It creates a deep sense of being able to rely on yourself- knowing you will devote time & space to really taking care of yourself & focusing on your own needs. This changes how you react on all levels, your self talk, and what you know you deserve. It becomes less about “treating” yourself & more about taking care of yourself on an energetic level.

2. It lays a foundation for personal growth. Through opening up a new level of vulnerability with yourself, you are able to give & accept love more easily. It opens you up to a new level of Self Worth- you give yourself more love, and will raise the bar of love you expect & accept as a consequence. You will be more compassionate, kind, and over all it will be easier to enjoy life. Love is the highest vibrational frequency we can achieve… The more time you spend here to more you will grow & expand as a human.

3. Manifesting & living high vibe. Like I mentioned above, as you create more love in your life your vibration will raise. The higher your vibrational frequency is, the more you will be able to accept & allow in the things you want to manifest. To attract things into our life, we have to match it vibrationally. Increasing your energy field through acts of Self Love, and sensual pleasure- will bleed into every aspect of your life.

There is no shame or embarrassment in being a sensual, and sexual being. It is all apart of the conditioning we have gone through as women. This Ritual will unlock those limiting beliefs & patterns, so you can liberate yourself. If you stick to a practice like this ritual below, your whole life as a Woman will transform.

*Sensual Self Care Ritual*

What you need:
epson salt (if you have a bath)
essential oil of choice (I love lavender for self care)
coconut oil or oil of choice
your favorite sensual music
natural lotion /coco butter

Start by melting your coconut oil in the microwave or on the stove for a few seconds, so it is warm but not hot. Lay a towel on the ground so you can stand on it as you self massage with coconut oil. Light your candles & incenses, turn on your music of choice- and allow yourself to drop into a more relaxed state of being. You can sit in a little guided meditation on the site (the Intuition or Heart Space one would be great!) Spend time connecting to your body, touching yourself gently & with love. You can work with an affirmation like “I am a Goddess, I am pure love, I am a sensual being.” Feel free to mix some lavender essential oil into the oil you choose to self massage with. Start with your breast, spend some time with your lymph nodes, and work down your body. Make sure to get your hips, shoulders, and any place you hold tension. Be kind to yourself, noticing your beauty & focusing on your body. Become as present as possible while you massage yourself. Imagine your finger tips infusing yourself with love, raising your vibration, and healing any wounds.

After you have self massaged for a good 10-30 minutes, you can take a nice epson salt bath. I love epson salt for so many reasons.. It draws out toxins, relaxes/repairs the muscles, and creates soothing in the body. I like to put essential oil in my epson salt bath as well. Make sure you transfer your candles, incense, music, any any other tool you are working with. As you draw your bath, focus on infusing it with love. You can work with the same affirmation, or write a nice little spell to really set the intention.
“Calling in Lilith Goddess of expression
Help me cultivate the Truth of my own reflection
As I draw this bath for my own pleasure
Let me cultivate Self Love with no measure
Knowing I deserve to be full of Worth
Hold me as I fall into Mother Earth
Taking time to focus on me
Let me grow in sovereignty
Giving back the pleasure I receive
As I grow I always believe
In myself & my needs
I am a Goddess I set myself free”

As you bathe in your Sacred Bath, repeat your affirmation/spell, allowing yourself to relax deeper into the essence of your own beauty & energy. This is a time for self worship & praise. Redefining the relationship you have with yourself. Setting new standards of pleasure & bliss. The more you prioritize your pleasure, the more others will as well. It is an affect of changing your vibrational frequency- opening yourself up to the next level of taking care of yourself… You set new standards. You will constantly attract people, feelings & situations that affirm your new belief: I deserve to be taken care of. I deserve bliss. I deserve pleasure… & I WILL receive these things, from myself & from others. After you have soaked in your bath for 20+ minutes, dry yourself on & lotion your body. Just sealing in this practice & giving thanks to yourself for taking the time to tap into you sensuality.

Take time everyday to tap into your scared sensuality. Weather that looks like:
Self pleasure
Scalp massage
Aroma therapy
Womb Massage
Eating with your hands.. etc!

Find away you can make this a daily practice. I promise you will see & FEEL the benifits if connecting to your inner Wild, Sensual, Sacred, Self.

Lots of Love,


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