Self Love Healing Meditation (25 minutes)

This meditation is part 1 to a 3 part meditation series we will do this month, on Self Love & Self Acceptance. Part one is for healing, aligning, opening & creating space. Part two will be full of affirmation for reprogramming, creating, transmuting & integrating. I recommended doing part one 2 or 3x before doing part two- just so we can really open up & begin the healing process before we go in with intentions of reprogramming. This mediation primes, stokes, & prepares your inner Self Love Goddess to emerge.
This mediation wakens & opens your Sacral, Heart & Throat chakra, beginning the healing process. We also work with a powerful Arc Angel to assist us on our intention of deep love & acceptance. This mediation will drop you into you higher Self, making the next meditation on this series capable of bringing you into deep transformation.

Part 3 is an energetic clearing. We will do this at the end of the month, or the beginning of next month. More info on the part 2 mediation.
xoxox 🙂

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