Letting Go of Expectations

Aloha beautiful people, happy August 1st!

I want to dedicate this month to letting go. Letting expectations fall away, and dropping into absolute Truth. This month you can expect a podcast on Self Expression & Self Validation, a “Self Worth” ritual, a worksheet on redefining Self, a meditation on grounding and so much more. The goal of this month is to step into our Truest, most Goddess, version of who we are. And most of the time this starts with letting go of what other people want, think and expect of us….

So that leads us to today’s topic- letting go of expectations. Sometimes, people can expect a lot from us, or we can expect a lot from ourselves. Often times this leads to over stimulation, anxiety, panics, and so much more. To let go of these destructive patterns, and toxic standards, there are a few nonnegotiable tips I want to share.
Before we dive all the way into that,I want to stress the importance of boundaries. Knowing yourself well enough to know what you need, and honoring that. It is so so important to plant yourself firmly in the Truths you hold. That way you will not be swayed to abandoned your integrity when you find yourself wanting to say “no” or let go. Understanding that most humans do not have bad intentions, but they want you to show up for Them. This doesn’t make them bad, just human. We are all guilty of it. But, that is the first part of allowing expectations to leave- knowing we have to show up for ourselves first.. and allowing others to do the same for themselves.

  1. Keep a Journal- This will help you process your own emotions. The more you get clear on what you are feeling, the easier it will be for you to accept these emotions. You will notice patterns, and eventually be able to Truly understand how you work. Knowing your process is huge (a full post about that soon). Journaling lets you look at your mind, yourself- in a new way. You will be able to see the patterns of hoe you feel, react, and recover.
  2. Do you care about what others think of you?– get clear on this. It is not bad if you do care, it is something we learn at such a young age.. but understanding how you feel about other people, and the way they react to you- helps you understand yourself & how you need to show up. If you do not care, it will be a nice transition into letting go of expectations, as you are able to redefine & nourish yourself. If you do care (and most of us do, at least a little bit..) it will take a little more work. Just focusing on your own self, your own energy, will help ground you. Which brings us to #3…
  3. GROUND YOURSELF– This is huge. Do you ever notice that Earth signs (Virgo, Capricorn, Taurus) care sooo much less about what other people think about them? It is such a blessing that comes from being grounded. When we are fully present & down to Earth with in ourselves, it is so much easier to stand FIRMLY in who we are. Spend more time in nature, off the phone, feet dirty, hair down, in water, alone, and feeling the Life in Gaia. LEAVE A COMMENT if you would be interested in a “Grounding Ritual” blog post.
  4. Allowing yourself to feel- emotions are normal, and necessary. We must feel, we must explore and we must start giving ourselves the permission we need. We have to be the ones to say what is & is not ok. We cannot let others tell us how we should feel, how emotions should look, or how our Process should be. We have to Self validate. More info on this to come as well.. but basically, we have to start validating the things we do, and feel- and this will liberate us from needing approval & holding on to other peoples expectations.

I hope this post planted some seeds & gave you inspiration for what is to come this month! I am so ecited to dive into this with you all. Have a beautiful week! <3


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  1. Would love a grounding ritual, Autumn 💕

  2. charlottewright23@gmail.com Avatar

    Me too xxx

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