Relax & Self Sooth: Restorative Bath

Aloha Goddess.

I hope this month of Self Worth is treating you well!
I wanted to share a few tips & this amazing, soothing bath.

Self Soothing is such a powerful tool, and something I think we should all invest more time in developing. Having a routine that we can turn to when we are feeling down, uncomfortable, anxious, or just not ourselves.. It is a way to bring us back into our bodies, to calm us, and make us feel more at home in the present moment.

This bath is such a treat, and such a beautiful way to pamper yourself while truly taking care of yourself on super fundamental levels. Using aromatherapy to sooth, and salts for relaxation- this bath will acts as an alchemist- transforming your current state & enhancing feelings of peace.

Lavender- used for aromatherapy for stress, anxiety, and tension. Calms, restores & releases stress.
Rose- anti-inflammatory, helps muscles relax & brings a calming affect. Helps with depression & anxiety.
Epson Salt- reduces pain & swelling, helps with stress & tension in the body.

I also want to emphasize the importance of having quality bath tub/shower tools.. Like a bad ass loofah, quality body wash, good face scrubs, etc. Making your bath/shower time a LUXURIOUS place. Always using your showers as a sanctuary, a place you can be tender, intimate & gentle with yourself.

I am adding an optional, totally QUEEN archetype, twist to this bath… A lavender rose blunt.
herb of choice
dried lavender buds
a few (3-5) fresh rose peddles **ORGANIC ROSE!!

  1. Put your rose peddles in the oven on broil for about 10 seconds. We want them to dry out a little , but still be pliable.
  2. Lick the end & stick the rose peddles together – and bake for another 10 seconds. Take out & let it cool for a few minutes.
  3. place your herb mix on the rose blunt, and roll it up tight, and bam!! a rose blunt for 1 🙂

    Enjoy in your bath, and reeaallyy relax 🙂

Bath- What you need:

5-10 drops of lavender essetial oil
Epson salt of choice
handful of organic rose petals, rose essential oil, or rose water. (can sub chamomile tea bags for similar effect)
body wash, and loofah


Draw your bath water to desired temperature. Add the essential oils, rose petals & bath salts when the bath is half full, to begin the aromatherapy process. Place an intention on your bath as you light your candles, knowing this begins your ritual. Say a blessing as you enter the bath- maybe anointing yourself with a small amount of the candle wax or essential oil- feeling your energy shift as you enter the bath tub.

Allow yourself to let go of all stress, anxiety & worries as you are bathing in this healing, ritual water. Use your loofah & soap to scrub away deeper worries/stresses, focusing on areas you hold tension (like shoulders, hips, back, etc) spending time in visioning the pain dissipating & the stressors diapering. When you are ready to get out, allow the bath tub to drain completely before you get out- knowing everything you let go of during this bath was flushed down the drain.

Drying yourself off with love, rub lotion into your skin with your new intentions & lots of self love.

Preform this ritual any time you are needing to unwind & reset!

ENJOY!! xxx

Lots of love,




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