Creation Energy: Invoking Your Inner Creatrix

Aloha Goddess,

Welcome back to another month of the Rising. I decided to dedicate September to Creating.
Im going to talk about: getting in-touch with your creative energy, using it to create anything you want (including a business), a member only video about Manifesting, a podcast about purpose and passion, a mediation for the sacral chakra, and creativity ritual, and more!

First I want to dive into the Energy of Creation.. What is it? How can we embody it?

Creation is the beginning, and ultimately, the end of every experience, every human, every cell, every tree, every flower, every rain drop… everything. As women, we have a special connection to creation, as we have a portal in our womb that creates life its self. The Soul inters the human realm through the Womb. Creation is manifested in its most basic, raw form- Life.

Creation is an art. An art that happens as breath, as beauty, as pain, and as pleasure. Creation happens through manifestation.. Manifestation simply meaning coming to fruition. When something that started off as an energetic desire, transforms into something physical.. (at least this is the definition I give it on the human realm).

To tap into this creative energy, we need to utilize:
the feminine
the flow
sacred sensulaity

We must look at our soft side. Invoke our Free moving, Intuitive, patient, inner Goddess. We must know ourselves well. Give voice to our desires. Bring pleasure into our actions.

Prioritizing Our:
Self Care

We have to be clear on our passions. Have a firm sense of “Self” while allowing that sense to change & flow as we grow. Creation takes accepting. We have to be in our Power. (Power is one of those words we have to redefine for ourselves..) Be in our sense of Knowing. Freedom, freedom to express.

Creation needs to be expressed. It needs a voice, a way to be seen & heard. Otherwise, the seed of creativity dies & we are left feeling sad, unworthy, and confused.
I truly believe we lose our Selves when we stop nurturing our creativity.

This month we will talk more thoroughly about nurturing creativity, allowing dreams, ideas & visions to manifest, etc. But I want to leave you with 3 basic exercise to being nurturing your connection to Creativity:

  1. Make a list of the things that have been inspiring you lately. Get clear on your current inspirations. What podcasts have you been listening to? What instagram accounts have been catching your interest? What has been sparking excitement from you?
  2. Massage, talk to, and sit with your womb. Begin to open doors of communication to your Womb. Talk to her, meditate with your hands on her, allow yourself to open up a stream of communication with the Womb. This is the begging of a relationship with your creative portal.
  3. Follow your Intuitive nudges. Act on the things that are currently calling you! Whether it be going to coffee, reaching out to someone, or taking a leap and signing up for a class you have been interested in. Begin to hear & acknowledge the messages you are receiving from your inner Creatrix. Set the intention, and play with the juicy bits that come up.

I hope this has given you something to think about. Marinate with the energies of your inner Creatrix, the real work begins soon.

Lots of love,

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