MANIFEST! How To Create Everything You Want

Aloha Goddess,
Welcome to another beautiful day on planet Earth. I am so happy you have landed here, in this time space reality with me. The fact that you are reading these words is a miracle.
So many synchronicities unfolded for you to be here, alive & well, and reading this post. You were meant for it.

Today we are going to talk about MANIFESTING. Creation in its most simple form.
So basically, a thought/idea (vibration), turns into a feeling (vibration), turns into a physical manifestation (vibration). But, obviously, it isn’t quite so black & white. In order to create anything we want, we have to be on our good feeling, uplifting, happy-to-be-alive, creative, inspired, shit. 🙂

We have to switch our attitude about, & outlook on, Life. We have to rewrite stories, unblock limiting beliefs and create the emotions we want to be filling. We have to step into our Power; Accepting the fact that we are creating our Life, every moment of every day. We have to be the observer & the action-taker. Self Care must be at the top of our priority list.

To step into the realm of Abundance that comes from Truly being in alignment & manifesting your desires, a few key things must be at play..
1. You have to be inspired.
What Inspires you? What makes you want to be alive? What ideas, thoughts or adventures excite you? You have to create inspiration, and act on it in your daily life. Play your favorite jams, dance, go to the beach, travel.. Make a list of the things you want to call into your life, the way you think they will make you fill- and bring that energy you want to cultivate into your daily life! Spend more time with the things that keep you inspired, and less times with the things that dont. This might mean you need to shift your life completely.. and that is beautiful! You have to own your Power in this situation, you are the only one who can improve the quality of your life.

2. Life must feel magical 
To tie into what I wrote above, life has to have some excitement, thrill & you have to be inviting fun into it!! I really recommend working with a Coach, or taking some kind of music/sport/dance/etc. lessons, or signing up for a class or course… Doing something just for yourself, your evolution & your pleasure! Some non-negotiables for me are: having a consistent rising & evening routine, using essential oils for therapy, having a good book on hand, getting into nature as much as possible, exploring & having amazing people to connect with.

3. Gratitude must be flowing
Gratitude & being Thankful is the most high vibe energy we can embody. When you are TRULY feeling thankful, you are affirming to the Universe you want more of the good stuff. Start by writing some things you are grateful for daily.. Even if you are having a hard time feeeling the gratitude, list stuff anyways. The higher feeling emotions will come. Change the way you think about money.. (heres a look into the reprogramming bit)… Money is an energy that carries the vibration of “thank you.” When you are buying something, you are exchanging money for a product. You are exchanging Energy for a product.. Thinking about how GRATEFUL for a product you are each time you spend money will be game changing.

4. Energy must be moving
Emotions are inevitable. You do not need to be happy 100% of the time to manifest.. But you have to honor each emotion as an energy- and allow that energy to play out. You can be an alchemist & transmute energy, but that takes time & practice. In the mean time, we want to try to understand, validate & accept the emotions we feel. Knowing that these emotions are results of experiences & contrast. If you like something it feels happy, exciting, etc. If you don’t it feels sad, disappointing, etc. When we stay in these emotions, dwelling on them or focusing on them, this is when we begin to block our flow. We need to move our energy around daily. Either with Yoga, walking, singing, dancing, etc. Something that helps us physically move this energy around. Also writing, talking, and expressing these emotions is extremely helpful. This requires a little bit more of the reprogramming, because we usually have stories built up around situations & emotions- getting attached to them. This takes some self evaluation, and Self Acceptance.

5. You have to be CLEAR.
We have to know exactly what it is we are wanting to call in… and I’m not just talking on the physical plain… But on all levels. What emotions/feelings are you trying to achieve through receiving the physical manifestations you are wanting to call in? How do you best take care of yourself? What are you willing & not willing to do (BOUNDARIES!)? What is your current dream, vision, or goal? – Just getting clear on the things you are wanting to create for yourself, and the emotional reasons for those wants. We also want you to get really clear on the patterns you hold. What is your trained response to difficult situations? How often do you get trapped in mindless thought loops or experience anxiety? Are you attached to any negative emotion? Are there things you are wanting to do in this life that you are not because you are attached to a certain image of yourself? Get clear on where you stand with yourself. Prioritize your self love/self care. Spend time getting to know yourself. Make sure you do the Self Discovery Worksheet!!




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