Creativity Ritual

Aloha Goddess,
This ritual is meant to spark & help you move your creative energy. If you are looking to get in touch with your inner Divine Feminine or just get more serious about your Creativity, this ritual will be a tool for you. It takes a lot of Trusting your Intuition, honoring your flow, and stepping into your power. Have fun with it.Be easy on yourself.. & Enjoy!

What you will need:
-Orange candle (sacral chakra color)
-Orange flowers
-Favorite lingerie / panty set / clothes that make you feel sexy & empowered (to wear for todays ritual)
-Favorite music (here’s my Goddess playlist:
-outside access; to early morning sun or evening sun
-Orange colors/paints & paper and/or pen & journal

  1. Start by setting up a little alter space for your ritual. Lighting your candle, setting out your flowers, and inviting in the energy you want to create. Set up your music, begin to deepen your breathing, and drop into your self.
  2. Begin opening a circle, setting an intention for today’s ritual- to align with your creative energy & step into your full power. Imagine a beautiful golden, orange light emanating from your sacral chakra. Connect with that energy, feeling it grow as you breathe into the intention you have set.
  3. Take at least 10 minutes to play your music & gently move your body, tapping into the energetic cues you are receiving. “how does my body need to move right now?” “where is energy wanting to flow?” Taking this time to really drop in & connect with your body.
  4. Go outside, take 3 minutes to gaze at the sun. Asking for that firey energy to nourish your creativity. Be open to receiving any messages from your intuition that may come up at this time. If it is not a safe time to gaze at the sun (first few or last few minutes of sunlight) you can fire gaze with the flame of your candle instead.
  5. Bring your attention back into your sacral shakra. How has the energy shifted? Pay attention to any questions or ideas that arise as you check back in. Where is your creativity presenting its self?
  6. Grab your paints & paper. Begin to draw, color, or write. Allow this to be a stream of consciousness, meaning; keep writing, painting, or drawing with no rest, no time to think. Just let your hand flow- even if that means you are writing the same word over & over again, or drawing the same circle 20x. Inspiration & divine download will show up. Trust your intuitive urges & allow yourself to feel fully expressed.
  7. Connect again, when you feel complete. Bringing your awareness into the sacral chakra, what is going on on this energy space? Breathing deeply, and connecting with yourself.
  8. Write on your paper or in your journal, a little sum up of todays experience. What messages did you receive? what felt empowered? Where you able to connect to your Intuition & allow yourself to enter a flow state? Just checking in. There is no pressure to be, do or achieve anything. The more you do this ritual, the more natural it will become. be easy on yourself.

I hope you have tons of fun & unlock some creativity in this ritual. ENJOY!! 🙂

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