Stepping into Your POWER.

Aloha Goddess,
Welcome back to another beautiful month on the membership site. I am so excited for October. <3
The new month always feels so liberating, like a fresh start.. Especially with the fall time rolling in- a time of Harvest (receiving), cool air, slowing down, letting go, and all of the things that come with transition.
A beautiful balance of giving and receiving. Of calling in, and cutting cords. Reorganizing our thought process, where we are & are not standing in our Truths, and getting clear on the in-between. We are focusing on Feminine Power. The female, yin energy.
One things that is super prevalent right now, is our ability to say, “no.” If it is not a “hell yes,” it is a “hell no.” Period.  We have to stand in this much Power, that we know what it is that is serving us, and we let everything else go. This is not being Selfish.. This is being Self-full. How we show up for ourselves, is exactly how we will show up in the world. Prioritizing our Self, our Growth, and our Well Being.

We have to redefine Power- which is something I want you to do. What definition of Power have you been using? how has this been reflecting on your ability to step into your Power? Has it been strong masculine words like: greed, improvement, and guilt.. or strong feminine words like: sensuality, self worth, and acceptance. How will redefining this word change the way you get to step into your Power?

What we will be cultivating this month: Strong boundaries, a since of priority, putting yourself first, claiming your Truths, saying “no,” speaking up, embracing change, cutting ties (energetic), and Honoring our natural rhythms. You can expect a worksheet on prioritizing & getting clear on your needs, a solarplex mediation for power, a ritual for letting go, a post about allowing yourself to receive, and so much more!!

The sense of Power & Empowerment we are calling in this month is will help so much in us really being able to create, cultivate & honor.. we will spend November dedicated to Abundance- so this is the ground work.

I want you to think about how Power will feel in your body, how you will speak, act &  Be when you are fully Empowered.

So much fun stuff brewing for you this month…

Enjoy! xxx


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