Embody Empowerment Ritual

This ritual is meant to take you into your body, locate & unlock your inner Power, and help you stand firm in the magik this power will awaken.

What you will need:

1 orange, red, or yellow candle or any color you associate with power (any candle will work)

1 yoga mat or towel

coconut oil and a few drops of rose or frankincense or lemon essential oil

a pillow

a pin & paper

To Begin:

  1. Start this ritual by clearing a sacred space, maybe burning some sage or just setting the intention of clearing the energy. Visualize yourself releasing all emotions & thoughts that no longer serve you, as you settle into this space. Bring your intention of Empowerment up, and just allow it to settle in your body.
  2. Call upon your Highest self, and begin to drop into the present moment. Connect to Gaia, grounding deep into the core of the Earth- feel yourself become more & more connected. Envision a bright white light cleansing you, and connecting you to the Heavens.
  3. When you feel centered & ready to move on, grab your coconut oil mixture & find yourself on your yoga mat. Rub the coconut oil into your belly- your solar plex chakra right above your belly button, calling your Power forward. Imagine as you gently massage this chakra, that you are beginning to light your internal flame. As you massage this area the fire grows. When you being to feel the internal flames, a heat from your belly- put the oil down.
  4. We are going to do some breath work, to invoke & ignite your inner flame. This helps cleanse & align your Solar Plex. You will do rapid inhales and exhales out of your nose, (this is called breath of fire). Breathing until you run out of breath, and allowing your breathing to regulate.. and repeating this 3x.
  5. Go into cat-cow yoga posture. On your hands and knees, moving our spine down as you chest goes up, moving your spine up as your chest moves down. Doing this in whatever rhythm suits you- until you feel activated.
  6. Light your candle. Sit in a meditative position & stare into your candle flame. As this flame burns, feel your internal flame burning as well. Imagine you are being completely swallowed by this flame. Knowing as it grows you grow in empowerment. Feeling your intention in your body- to step into your full empowerment. As this flame becomes brighter & fuller, so does your connection to yourself. Feeling yourself drop deeper into this flame. Gazing as long as you can. At least 15 minutes.
  7. When you are done gazing; grab your journal & write down:
    3 ways you feel most empowered
    2 ways you can actively utilize your empowerment
    1 way you will show up for your empowered Self everyday

    Write down any visions, realizations, or feelings that occurred during this ritual. When you feel complete put out your candle flame with anything safe, with out blowing it out. This helps seal in the intention. Knowing as the flame is put out, your intention is amplified. Lay in childs pose for as long as you like.






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