Receiving Clarity

Aloha beautiful.

Welcome back to another month of Membership content. Thank you, oh sweet sister, for being here with me. I am so grateful.
So. I wanted to dedicate the month of November to Abundance- but that is not in alignment right now. Maybe December or January.. But this month feels like a release. An Energetic cleanse.
I’ve decided this month will be dedicated to clarity.

Getting clear, finding our Truths, releasing layers, dropping in.. Getting Clear.

Clarity is the light. It is moving past the shadow, away from delusions, false ideas, blurred lines, darkness. It is Truth illuminated. It is when the internal battle stops, and all of a sudden all directions point to one thing. The confusion, the conflict, the inner turmoil is resolved. An answer is had.
We may not always love the answer. Clarity can bring change, doubt, fear. Clarity can bring a storm of newness. But it always brings a resolution. Newness. Possibility.

Clarity is medicine. It soothes the Soul. It nurses the ill. It brings death back to life.
Clarity fills empty cups. It puts pieces back together. It strengthens the Intuition.

Being clear is like being reborn. Inhales are deep. Exhales are sweet. When we become clear we become more of who we were meant to be.

Shadow work is a huge part of receiving clarity. We have to shine the light on all of the wounds & pains.. We have to process to KNOW. We have to feel to know, experiences must happen to KNOW.
Really allowing ourselves to feel & to work through those feelings.
Trusting your Intuition & the guidance it gives us.

This month on the show we will; dive into intuition with a podcast & meditation, dive into the shadow with a worksheet & ritual, and invoke clarity with a spell! You can expect a post dedicated to Truth.. all with a theme of receiving clarity.

Lots of love,

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