Finding Direction

Aloha beautiful,

I am so excited to offer you some support & guidance though this exercise. This is the most basic, but most important place to start.

You will need:
blue and/or candle
blue and/or purple pen
a journal
blue Tanzanite, smokey quartz, and/or Hematite

Blue is the color of inner peace, and clarity. Connected to the 3rd eye chakra- it helps us see things. It helps us receive the message & understand the message. Blue is a powerful color for healing, calming & restoring.
Purple is a color of connection to source, receiving knowledge & following the intuition. This relate to the crown chakra, the place of divine insight. Working with these colors will help assist us in opening up to the Gifts they posses, to help us dig in & receive the clarity we are searching for.

Blue Tanzanite is a crystal with energetic properties of the 3rd eye & receiving higher knowledge. Hematite & Smokey Quartz are both used for grounding & connecting to our center.

Take a moment to set up a ritual space, lighting your candle, breathing & grounding.
Set your intention for what you want to get clear on. Call upon your intuition, and your highest self.

Then take your journal & the pen color you feeel most drawn to and write down these questions 1 at a time, asking with your right hand (or dominant hand) & then answering with your left hand (or non-dominate hand). Write 1, and then answer it- then write & answer the next one.

Have fun with it & be patient with yourself. It takes time, so maybe take a break in-between questions & ground again.


  1. What do I most desire right now?
  2. How can I best serve myself right now?
  3. What is my next step?
  4. How should I be spending my energy?
  5. What does my highest self wish for me to know?

Feel free to ask any questions that continue to arise naturally.
Be gentle with yourself & enjoy the process! Knowing you are 1 step closer to receiving clarity.


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