Allowing Clarity to be Fluid

Clarity is a Gift, and it is as fluid as the Divine Mother herself.
Our Truth changes. Our Truth takes the form of whatever is happening now + what we have experienced.

Clarity changes, and when we make peace with that we are able to loosen our grip and allow life to flow for us, not against us. When we get clear on who we are/what we are feeling in this moment, that is enough.

A muddy pond will clear up after a big rain, and the water has settled. We are the same way. But every time the water settles again, things have changed. The water is clear again, but it looks different than it did before.. and we are the same.

Things happen in life to challenge us, to change us, to tear us apart & put us back together again. We have to let ourselves change. We cannot hold onto clarity with tight grasps. We have to be fluid. We have to take our experiences and allow them to shape us, so we can grow & expand.

Spiritual practices teach us to come to our center, to find balance and be rooted in the nowness. To Trust that even when things are not ok, they will be. But even if a fairy Godmother came into your house & warned you that a tornado was coming, but you would live- when the tornado tore up every piece of your house, and you were in the midst of the chaos… you might not feel ok. You might not feel absolutely certain that you would be ok. But, when the storm passed and your heart was still beating, you might feel a little ok, because you are ok. Even though you experienced something horrible and terrifying, you can settle in the fact that it is now ok. This is clarity.
And when another storm comes, you will be a little more prepared and a little more grounded. You will take the clarity you received before and use that information to help you feel ok again. But the clarity might look and feel and fit different. Because the second storm was different. Maybe it was a flood instead of a tornado & the way you need to go about repairing is different. You will gather new information from this experience and it will help you build on your clarity. And then, maybe, the repair person who comes to help you fix your flooded walls and floors turns out to be the love of your life and you say, “ohh, thats why this happened.”

Clarity is fluid. It is a dance. You can never separate the Feminine & the Masculine. Although crystal clarity, with all of its structure & promise, beams the energy of a Masculine container, the Feminine that dances between clarity’s structure demands change. Allow yourself to change. Change your mind, change your dreams. Follow your Intuition & allow her to lead you home. You will be clear, and then you wont be.. and then you will be again.
Be easy with yourself.



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  1. This really resonated with me! Such a powerful message <3

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