Clean Up Your Vibration To Create Abundance

Aloha beautiful people,

Happy December!!

I literally cannot believe it is already December. Living in Maui is so surreal in the way that the seasons hardly change and it still feels like summer 5 days out of the week. I love the eternal Summer, but it does feel a little funny when the internal realm turns wintery, but it is still warm outside. It has been super interesting to navigate, but I am feeling good. I am excited for the sunny Hawaii Christmas. 😉

This month on the membership site we are going to be talking about cleaning up your vibration to create ABUNDANCE.

Money, Relationships, Spiritual, Happiness.

Abundance in all terms, in all forms, in all shapes. Full abundance, in all of life. We want you feeling beautiful, loved, full & in love with life. I want to get you high vibe before January rolls in. Because January is the month we FINALLY work with Abundance. After acceptance, clarity/shadow work, and now cleaning up our Energy, we will enter the new year ready to attract & call in abundance.

Everything in our reality is Vibration. Even what appears to be solid, is actually just tiny buzzing beams of energy.. We are pure energy. Some vibrations are denser & more harsh than others. Some are more light & airy, and easier to deal with. Vibration is key. We are vibration, we are constantly sending out vibration & constantly coming into contact with vibration. A huge part of manifestation is being the master of your own vibration. Standing in your Power, and keeping your own vibration high, so you can be unaffected by (or bounce back quick when rattled by) other people’s/situation’s vibration. We are going to dive into accountability & creating a support system for ourselves so we can stay in our High Vibe state. We will also spend time fine tuning & creating our ideal zone of vibration, specific for what we are wanting to call in.

SO if we are working with vibration, in a vibrational Universe –> it is important to remember that vibration is the foundation to the Law of Attraction. For this month to transform you, I need you to understand these 3 Truths:

  1. Vibration attracts vibration. Like attracts like. We seek out & feel most comfortable in a vibration that matches our own. When we feel shitty it is easier to be around people who match this vibe, VS when we feel good it is easier to be around people who match that.. This is why when we start feeling bad, we can allow it to escalate so deep. & why when we are feeling good, we can allow it to build so high.
  2. Freedom (pure love)  is the highest vibration, and helplessness (pure fear)  is the lowest. This is why we crave Abundance & financial freedom so deeply. It is not about the money, but the love we think we will feel when we are in a place of Freedom. 
  3. We are the only ones in control of our vibration. Others can impact us, if we allow it- but it is always our choice. We are often taught to let ourselves be impacted deeply by others, but it does not have to be this way. It is easier to blame outside forces than take full responsibility for our own actions. But when we began to make the shift we can take back all of our power & make huge shifts! It can be confusing as an empath, feelings deeply & having to use discernment to know what is & is NOT ours. The power of being an empath is healing & assisting, which we can only do from our personal seat of integrity.

This month on the site you can expect to find; a vibration clearing meditation, high vibes recipes!!, how to raise your vibe work sheets & posts, a member only podcast episode on living high vibe as an empath, a “raise my vibration” ritual & more!!:)
Its going to be a super exciting month!!! I am going to release a challenge at the beginning of January to help us get on track with detoxing & purifying our energetic field & aura, which is going to be $33 to the public, but only $11 for all of my Membership babes just to say THANK YOU <3 (more info soon).

ALSO- I MADE A FACEBOOK GROUP!!!!!!!!! For all of us to connect. Join it here:
I would love to meet you & discus & help each other be accountable through out this month.

Get ready for some transformation.


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