Raise My Vibration Ritual

This ritual is meant to bring you to a high vibe place. Make sure you do the high vibe worksheet before you jump into this ritual- so you know what it is you need to transcend. 🙂 

When you feel clear on where you currently are on a vibrational level, it will be easier to identify how to work your way to where you want to be. 

Take a deep breath and enter this ritual space with love & Intention. 
Ask yourself:
How can I embody my Highest Self?

What you will need:
-your own breath 
-a journal & pen
-crystals (selenite &/or quartz
are great for high vibe 
but whatever you feel called to)

Start by cleansing you space & body with your sage. Imagine all negative & low vibe energies leaving you & your area. You may want to open up a window & watch the lower energies escape the room. Feel yourself begin to shift energetically as you release the lower energy you’ve been holding onto.

-From here, sit in a meditative position. Began to take long deep inhales & slow long exhales. Count 5 seconds on each inhale & each exhale. 
-call upon your spirit guides & arc angel Metatron to assist you in this ritual
-place your crystal in your palm or right in front of you. Feel its healing Earth energy entering your body & assisting you.
-Begin to to take short sharp exhalations, the inhale will be subtle & not forced (this is breath of fire)
– feel your body creating energy. Begin to move this Energy around & through your body.
– Ask yourself where you hold onto lower level Energies, and send you breath here.
-Continue to site & breath, and communicate with your body. Imagine your vibration rising with each inhale. 
-Begin to envision things you are grateful for, and allow your high vibe to amplify.
-continue this for as long as you can & feels comfortable. When you are read grab your jounral
-Journal on this promt:
“How can I live in my Highest state of being?”
Try not to think too much, just let the answers naturally flow in from this high vibe place. 

Repeat this a few times this month if you feel called. 

You can use other questions like:
“What is my medicine right now?”
“What does the Highest version of myself look like?”
or anything that feels natural.

Have fun & Enjoy 🙂

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