Sensual Self Love Course

6 Week Sensual Self Love Course

My journey with Self Love & Body Image has been the biggest struggle, blessing, and teacher of my life. I used to look at myself in the mirror, wishing my body to be different. I used to want to change myself. To manipulate my body & disappear. I used to search for worth in my physical form. I was terrified of myself. Of my curves, the space I took up. I was scared to be big, to be seen. I was scared of my Feminine Power. I was scared of my essence. I was scared to share, to be authentic, to go as deep as my Soul was crying for. I denied myself as a teacher, as a Sage, as a Wild Woman. I was afraid to be seen, because I didn’t know how to look at myself. I was afraid to be heard, because I didn’t know how to listen to myself. I was afraid to speak because I didn’t know my own voice. I had lost myself in the chaos of numbers & scales. In the midst of make up and diets. I had traded my Power for the title of skinny. And I drowned in my own storm. I moved to New York to model, and just as fast as I arrived I left. My Soul wouldn’t have it, it wasn’t my path. I was left, searching. Dumb founded & confused. I binge ate a jar of peanut butter & cried.
This was 3 years ago.
What was I going to do now?
Who was I with out the title of “model” and a figure to match? How would I ever accept myself? How would I love my body?
Sometimes we have to lose everything to be able to find what we actually need, or in my case, who we actually are.
I was lost.
But I was free. I no longer had to fit a certain size of clothes or be a certain type of girl. I could be a woman, and any woman I wanted to be.
I began to create, first with food, and then on canvas, and then on YouTube. I found my Soul, my Truth, in the midst of journal pages & rituals.
I devoted myself to Love, because I had to fling myself at a concept other than beauty.
And guess what?
I fell madly in love.
My curves began to look beautiful as I saw them dance the dance of my Soul. My story began to come through as I let go of the rules & expectations I had trapped myself in. I learned how to listen, and I could hear myself sing. I learned how to see, and I could see myself grow. And, finally, I learned how to speak.. and I roared.
I found myself in complete service of the Divine Feminine. Spreading a message of Self Love, Intuition and Surrender.
Over the past few years I have been guiding women to Self Love. Helping them find their voice, live their Truths, and Thrive in their Feminine Power. I have put together this course, as a gift to all women.
You deserve to be in your Power.
You deserve to stand in your Worth.
To reflect your divinity.
To be madly in love with yourself.
To create. To be in touch with and use your Sensual Gifts.
This course is for those ready to answer the call. The Wild Women who are ready to transform. This work is deep. This work will change everything, but you have to commit. You have to choose Love.
To fully embrace & embody Sensual Self Love, you must allow yourself to be happy. To be full.
You are here, because you are ready.
Because you are tired of suffering over your body.
Because you are thirsty for more than physical beauty.
Because you want to change the way women show up in this world.

Each week will have a PDF course to follow, guided meditations, audio clips, rituals, worksheets, printable affirmation cards and more.
You can sign up for the 6 Week Sensual Self Love Course on its own, or be apart of 2 following options:
-Be apart of the Private Sensual Self Love Facebook group
– Attend weekly Zoom conferences to connect with other like minded sisters & have your questions answered by me (13 maximum spots)
– have a weekly Energy Clearings & Intention Setting

– Receive everything mentioned above plus
– Weekly 1 on 1 coaching with me to help you fully integrate & embody self love. As we move through this work you will be creating the ideal environment to fully heal & live a Sensual Self Love lifestyle.
– New & Full moon ritual with 6 other women.

The start date for the 3rd round of this course is Monday September 9th, as we enter the summer season with a Powerful new Energy & Intention.

The past few rounds have been epic, but I have a feeling the Summer Energy we are entering into this round is going to be very special..

I am so excited to connect with you, Goddess. We are going to do major work & Shift so much. I cannot wait to watch you FLOURISH.



“The Sensual Self Love course, what can I say, how can I sum this up in a short note!!! I am so so grateful that I invested in this course, invested in myself and in Autumn. The course exceeded my expectations, it was structured perfectly in order to take you on a 6 week journey to self love.Every week I learned so much more about myself and how to put the things I learnt in to practice so I could become my truest most authentic self.This course truly is a gift. I am so blessed to have been able to participate.I feel liberated and love and understand myself more.Autumn is a guiding light throughout should you have questions or just want to sound things out, she is a support system and is truly passionate about her work.Take this course, you will not regret it!” – Charlotte W.

” When I enrolled in the Sensual Self Love Course, I was at a point in my life when the eating disorder I thought I had beaten was rearing its ugly had again, threatening to turn a backpacking vacation, that should have been the most amazing experience of my life, into a mess of calorie counting and restricting. Being in a financially difficult situation, it took a whole lot of synchronicities and sign to convince me to take that chance, but within the first week I was fully convinced that the Course was worth every penny. The dedication and work Autumn has put into the course work is evident in every word and her investment in each of the participants’ stories is beautiful and so encouraging. She created a space to feel safe in for all of us, a space of acceptance and an environment, in which you couldn’t help but grow. Even after the course is over, I now go back to the meditations and works several times a week to remind myself where I came from and how much I have grown in the past few weeks, all thanks to Autumn!”
– Isabel C.

“I first discovered Autumn through her youtube videos documenting her recovery from an eating disorder. At the time, I was completely isolating myself from everyone I loved, starving my body in order to be accepted in society, and searching for an answer to how my life had spiraled out of my own control. At the start of 2018, my intuition called to me to sign up for her Self Love Course which created a safe space for woman who struggled with eating disorders and low self confidence to come together and share our stories to help heal one another. Autumn allowed for every woman to be heard without fear of rejection, and truly made me recognize the potential of self love. The community she created was truly magical, especially considering it was her first time ever holding a course. When the course ended, the teachings she provided in just one month completely motivated me to not only beat my eating disorder fully, but conquer the internal demons that led to it.
Autumn provided one on one coaching for me for three months. Through those months, she was there to encourage me to keep fighting for small victories such as eating extra dessert, and wearing less makeup, to really conquering life long fears such as childhood trauma and abuse.
Now that my coaching has ended, Autumn still takes the extra effort to check in on how Im doing not only as a teacher and a coach, but a loving friend. She is the only person after searching through therapists and medical professionals that took the time to understand and listen to me, allowing me to heal.
If you feel completely defeated after searching for help in all directions, Autumn is the one to reach for. She will let you in her own life and allow you to truly dive into yours. Autumn will show you how spontaneous and beautiful life can be not only after an eating disorder, but also when you love yourself and all that life has to offer.”
-Rachael Ferro

“Before starting this course, I was at a loss for so many things, trying to figure out how to heal my wounds and treat myself with more care all on my own. The Sensual Self Love Course gave me an endless toolbox of love and possibilities. The recordings, affirmation cards, and meditations helped me grow leaps and bounds in such a short amount of time- always with love, understanding, and care. It is apparent how much love and effort from Autumn went into creating every aspect of this course. She is gentle, kind, and has the power to bring people together with nothing but open arms! The course helped shift my perspective on so many things and start a new direction in my spiritual journey and my life, and I will forever be grateful.”
-Elle P.

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