Understanding the Manifestation Process

There is a process to manifesting.
We can fine tune it & create a seamless strategy for our personal manifestations. It will be different for each of us, as we operate in such unique ways. 

It basically goes like this:
1. Identify what you want
2. Ask the Universe to bring it to you
3. Know you can have it
4. Allow it to come
5. Receive it.

Most of us get caught up on steps 3-5.
We will be unsure of the fact that we can receive, we will be caught up in the details of how it will come to us, and we block ourselves of from receiving it.
Our stories are usually the thing that keep us from receiving. We have certain beliefs burned into our psyche that hold us back. This is the reason we focused so heavily on raising our vibration last month.

One of the most important things to note is that we are constantly shifting & our desires will shift! This is totally normal. What we are putting our energy & awareness on is what will end up manifesting. So focus on keeping your thoughts in check & putting your Energy on what you do want to see happen!

STEP 1. This part is pretty simple, get clear on what you want! Why do you want it? How will it make you feel? Allow yourself to receive clarity about EXACTLY what you want, and be specific!

STEP 2. This part is also easy, and doesn’t require much effort. Just put your intention out there! Make your desires clear. Maybe create a vision board, or journal about what you want. We will go over some more specific manifestation tools & strategies soon!

STEP 3. Know you have have it, means you have to be on the same vibrational level as it. You have to be resonating to the same frequency as abundance to call in abundance. You have to be vibrating at the frequency of your dream home, your dream man, your dream life- in order to call it in. When we get ourselves feeling that high, we can have it all- if we TRULY believe that is possible for us. We have to know what we deserve, be firm in our worth, and be open to receiving. We have to be really firm on our WORTH. We have to be standing so deep in the fact that we are amazing, worthy, deserving, and absolutely capable of creating the life of our dreams.

STEP 4: Allow it to come. Get out of your own way! So many time we let our beliefs hold us back. We let what other people say, their stories, their experiences, influence us. We will stand in our own way, why our thoughts run wild. “maybe this isn’t possible for me..” or “maybe its not going to happen” or focusing more on what we don’t want to happen more than focusing on what we do want to happen. This all hold us back. THIS is why meditation is such a powerful point of manifesting. We have to tame those wild thoughts. We have to become the master of our mind. & know when & when not to entertain the MADNESS! Because the mind will drive you crazy, if you let it.. or you can drive the mind to all of your wildest dreams.

Step 5. Open up your arms & let it walk into your life. SAY YES! Say yes to opportunities, invitations, anything that your intuition is tugging at. Most of the time things manifest in very unexpected ways! So role with the punches. Let the inspiration carry you. Don’t get caught up in how you think things should look, and allow the Universe to show up in the easiest way. Sometimes we think it should be hard & complicated, when it’s actually super simple. Let life treat you kindly! The Universe wanst you to have what you want, it wanst you to leave in ease. Let is be simple. 🙂

I recommend thinking about these steps, and where you feel like you hold resistance. Where do you stop your natural flow? Where do your stories come in & stop you? Where do you find your awareness more of the time?
Just begin to notice where you are at.

Have fun with it & be easy on yourself.


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