Aphrodite Energy, Welcome February

Aloha Goddesses! We are dedicating February to Aphrodite and the Power of Sensual Energy. January was all about Manifesting, and as you know- nothing accounts for manifestation like the feeling GOOD. And what feels better than standing in Powerful, Loving, Flirty, Fun, Aphrodite Energy?!
Aphrodite is the Greek Goddess of Love & Beauty. She asks us stand in our Essene, and True nature. To be strong in our softness, elegant in our fierceness, and above all- unapologetic in our existence.
Aphrodite is the embodiment of desire. She accepts her desires, and her own ability to be desired. She runs with her strengths, and dances in her fire.

Aphrodite represents the aspects of the feminine that are playful and powerful. She shows us the potency of utilizing flirtation as a super power! She also encourages sisterhood, and teaches us how to work through insecurity, instead of pushing it aside.

Aphrodite also asks us to find the beauty in all things. To look for the Inner Goddess that shines her light & beautifies everything she touches (alchemy, anyone?).
We are being called to really appreciate life. To relish in the luxuries, enjoy the little things, and stop and smell the damn beautiful roses.

This is not about being spiritual, but being fully human with our Spirit. Letting the idea of who should be go, and letting the Goddess emerge.

We are going to focus on prioritizing ourselves. Creating the Life we want to live. Being ruthless in our Truth, and stopping at nothing to make peace with our unique Beauty.

You can expect a Goddess Ritual, a member only podcast on Goddess Energy, an Aphrodite worksheet, some seriously delicious Goddess valentines day plans, and more.

This month is going to be fun and playful. Valentines is my favorite holiday, a time to celebrate love!! And I’m super excited to share the magick with you Goddesses.

Thank you for the Love & Support.

I appreciate you <3

Happy Aphrodite month 😉


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