Aphrodite’s Self Care Ritual

One of my favorite parts of the Aphrodite Archetype is her dedication to herself. She is the self love queen. Shes not hesitant to pamper herself, she knows she deserves it, she knows shes worthy!

Aphrodite Energy is perfect to call into your life when you are feeling insecure or doubting your self in any way. She will come in to remind you of your inherent beauty and divinity. This ritual will invoke Aphrodite Energy and help you connect with your inner Goddess. You can also invoke her Energy any time you need a pick me up and to feel more empowered.

For this ritual you will need:
– a mirror (set up in front of you at eye height)
– phone (or any) timer
– goddess playlist (create one, use one you already have, or use mine: MY GODDESS PLAYLIST)
– journal & pen

To begin this ritual, set up your mirror to where you can comfortably sit in front of it and see your face.
Have your hair brush & journal near by.
Light your candle to begin ritual. Invoke your Inner Goddess, simply by calling upon her and imagining the way her Energy feels. Feel the Energy the manifest in your body as allow yourself to fully embody it. Set the intention of embodying your inner Aphrodite, and call upon the Goddess.

Set your timer for 10 minutes. Put on your Goddess playlist or sit in silence. Start the timer, and for the next 10 minutes you eye gaze with yourself. Looking at yourself in the mirror, in the eyes and not breaking your gaze. Repeating the mantra “I love you” and/or feeling and connecting to your inner Goddess.
When the timer goes off, journal about your experience. Allow yourself to work through any emotions that came up. Be gentle with yourself. When you feel complete, connect again to your Inner Goddess & the Aphrodite Energy we called in earlier. Imagine & feel yourself integrating this energy deep into your heart. Knowing it is there for your to access any time.
You can do this as often as you want, working with intentions that resonate with you. The more you call upon your Goddess the more connected to her you will feel. Return to this as many times as you like <3


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