This month on the Freeing the Wild Women Membership Site, we are focusing on the Energy of Rebirth.

A lot of times in life we ask for change, but get caught up in the discomfort. We want to be propelled in the direction of growth & expansion, to experience bliss and beauty. We want to feel more connected, spiritually centered, and empowered. But to get to these places, we must experience the shattering. There is usually what I like to call “a big burn,” where aspects of our selves/our lives are burnt up. Fire is a beautiful tool for alchemizing. Like the Phoenix, like a wild fire, and like our human experience, a big burn makes room for new life. It destroys in order to create. This is Rebirth.

The most difficult part is accepting the change. Allowing yourself to be vulnerable enough to let go of what is not serving. To sit in the fiery flames as one thought process, pattern, relationship, or way of living is completely destroyed.

Rebirth comes at a price. We cannot be reborn if we do not first experience death. We need to redefine the way we look at and feel about death. We are constantly cycling. Every aspect of life cycles. Our planet, our life experiences, our moods. Each cycles begins & ends. This is life & rebirth.

The Death card in the Tarot has a very similar Energy. When it comes up in a reading it asks us to look at what we can let go of. What ares of life have been causing us to hold our breath or feel tense? This is what needs to die. Death can be welcome, because it signifies completion. Death occurs when we’ve lived. When things have come to a close. The bitter sweet nature of being a human causes us to have emotions around death. We may feel sad, mournful, and confused. This is totally ok! This is normal & natural. Through the pain we grow, we learn, and we are reborn. Resisting our natural cycle is the hardest part. It causes shame & guilt, which are some of the lowest feeling vibrations we can connect with.

Surrender and acceptance are medicine for death. When we let the process unfold, we can begin our rebirthing. Knowing you will be more resilient, strong, and equip for the unfolding of your path. This is tuly a blessing.

This month you can expect: A member only podcast on empowering rebirth, a worksheet on finding the areas that need to die, a post on accepting change, a rebirth healing meditation, and much more!

Enjoy the work, and as always be gentle with yourself through the process. Talk to you soon!

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