REBIRTH: New Moon Ritual

This rebirthing Ritual is going to serve you in dropping into Trust and imagination. Allowing your wildest dreams to run free and wild. This ritual is going to support you in stepping into your highest, most energized Self. You can do this ritual anytime, but the energy that is happening with the Pisces new moon will amplify its potency.

What you will need:
*construction paper (any paper or journal)
*markers, colors, pens, glue, glitter, etc.
*candle (optional)

Light candle when you are ready to begin the ritual. We will intention set in the visualization exercise.
Listen to this visualization exercise when ready.

Begin creating your vision board. Put any words, feelings, places, connections, etc you visualized in the audio. DREAM BIIIGGG. Anything is possible, invoke the limitless energy of the divine. Be as silly, free, and creative as you feel called to express. Hold nothing back. Allow your expressive energy to overflow. Embody it. Envision your old self being engulfed in flames and alchemizing, through the fire, into the version of you who lives your dream life.

So mote it be.
Blessed Be.


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