Invoking Playfulness + Affirmation Card

Welcome back to another month on the Freeing the Wild Women Membership website! I am so excited we are diving into April, into the energy of spring. Last month we talked about rebirth. We experienced the energy first hand, letting go and making room for the new. I hope you spent time getting clear on what you want for yourself so you can make that happen! This month we are diving into the medicine of playfulness.

Playfulness is food for the Spirit. It is the refilling of the chalice. It is the unleashing of the Wild Women Nature. Playfulness is light in the human body. A vibration of love & laughter. Humor that resonates on the deepest level. Playfulness is key on the journey of evolution. We have to be able to take things seriously but lightly. Like we talked about last month,we are constantly cycling. Everything is continuously changing & evolving. And for us to be active participants in our own lives, we have to have perspective- it is all relative. Everything we experience is measured by everything we have been through & felt up until that moment. Playfulness is a tool to help us take lives ups & downs with ease. Staying as close to our alignment & peaceful center as possible. If you can laugh at yourself you can truly let go of the ego. This is the medicine of children. They can be so upset, so mad, so sad, and then 10 minutes later be playing again.

We are in Aries Season, Aries being the 1st zodiac sign in the cycle. With medicine much like that of a child, with so much light heartedness & playful energy. Invoke your inner child. Ask them to come out and play. Do something new, purely for fun. Challenge yourself to learn and grow… but take it lightly! Be playful, be easy. And have fun! 🙂

This month you can expect: a meditation to invoke playfulness, a playful new moon ritual, a member only podcast on the power of innocence, and more!


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