Aries New Moon Ritual

Aloha beautiful people.
welcome to this new moon ritual.
I pulled a collective spread for everyone in the member site- Here it is!!

New Moon: The Theme of the Month
Return of Aphrodite:
WOW! TALK ABOUT POWERFUL GODDESS ENERGY! This card themes our month into stepping up & into our HIGHEST! Being your true, lushous, powerful self.
Waxing Moon: How you will step into Aphrodite Energy:
stepping into sister hood, following gut on learning from someone new. Stepping into a new study or program. Calling in a guide/coach/mentor, connecting with your spirit guides/angels.
Full Moon: What will be Empowered:
your intuition & ability to interpret signs will be very important. Pull cards, get a reading done/get in touch with your spirit guides/soul/body wisdom
Waning Moon: Whats leaving:
Time Out: In this position, this card suggests you will be leaving introversion. Be social, get around other people, follow your desires to have fun.. But know when its time to recharge & follow it!
Dark Moon: What needs to be looked at & have light shed on it this cycle:
Anything that is keeping you from being completely in your power needs to go. You are being called to step 100% FULLY into your place of power. Be strong & determined in this energy. Its up to you to prioritize & embody your power. You can be your own authority. You know. Trust yourself!

I know this is a little late, but its actually right on time. The dark moon (what is referred to as the new moon) was very purgatory. We want to work with this growing energy! The energy of this moon has been intense. It is finally feeling like Aries Season. So much energy all in the direction of our passions.
What makes you feel EMPOWERED? This is the energy we are honing in on. When do you feel most True to yourself? What do you WANT to be spending your energy on?

Mediate on your passions and then take some time to journal about the questions above.

Get a piece of paper. we are going to make a ven diagram of the 3 P’s Women Spring Time Abundance…

  1. Passions
  2. Pleasure
  3. Play

Play with this. Take your time. Have fun. Spend time invoking each of these feelings. Allowing them to resonate in your body.

Use this as a compass to help you get clear on exactly what it is you want to call into your life.

And then write down everything you want to manifest.
Feel it.
See it.
Live it in your body.

How do you want to feel? Where do you want to be?
What is calling you right now?

Sit with this as long as you like. Have a beautiful cycle.

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