Healing Body Image

Aloha beautiful people and happy May!

I apologize for the late post, but I promise you this months content is worth the wait. April was a whirl wind for me! So much changed, and I am finally finding my feet landing back on the ground- and I am ready to share!
Last month I was so inspired by the Energy of playfulness. I feel like I was able to embody the innocence of a child & naively follow instincts to take it easy and play! Which was perfectly in sync with what was going on astrologically as well! I hope you enjoyed last months content as much as I did- and feel more playful in spirit.

This month we are going to shift things up a little, and use that playful Energy & direct it into ourselves! We are focusing on body image, loving & accepting our natural body, and owning who w are from the inside out!! This is a super special month- because I truly believe woman Empowerment starts on the physical level, it starts with us loving & accepting ourselves, inside & out!!

There are 3 fundamental aspects of body image I like to look at:

  1. How we treat our body
  2. How we speak to ourselves
  3. How we think we “should be”

These 3 point tie together perfectly, each one leading to the next. We often speak to our selves & treat our body in a way that reflects the lack we feel in regards to who we think we should be. Meaning; we put pressure on ourselves to look, feel, act or be a way that is not in alignment with our Truth, and as a consequence we do not treat ourselves very well, which leads to us feeling even worse, and treating ourselves even worse.

Self Love does not look a certain way. In fact, it should change daily. If we are listening to ourselves & honoring ourselves FULLY, with out judgments or expectations our self care for the day will always look different. Sometimes its unwinding in a bath, sometimes is going for a hike in the sun. It can be a nap or a yoga class. It can be calling into work, or working over time. You will know because your body will tell you. But the only way we can hear & honor our body/ body wisdom is by knowing, loving & accepting our body.

This is a process of rewriting stories, forgiving yourself, and accepting where you are. It takes work, commitment, and patience. You must be gentle with yourself through the process. What you believe about yourself will be true in your reality, even if it is not the Truth of your Soul. Why? Because if you believe that you are ugly and unworthy.. you are going to feel ugly & unworthy. Are these things True? For your Soul or your life? NO!! Absolutely not, which is why these thoughts & beliefs cause so much pain. But if you believe them, that is what you will see. Because that is how ENERGY WORKS <<listen to this podcast for more info on energy>>

So our practice is the change the stories and beliefs & help you step fully into your Worth.

You can expect a member only podcast on shifting body image, a worksheet on rewriting the body image story, a meditation for limiting beliefs, a body gratitude ritual, and printable affirmation cards for you to hang up so you can reinforce your new story!

Have fun & be gentle with yourself.


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